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Drop zone- Awsome or Horrible?

I personaly give Drop Zone a 7 out of 10 for game modes.

i find it very enjoyable and the none campers and people who accually go for objectives are rewarded. Thumbs up!

Coulpe of this that kind of seem well uncalled for is removing kill streaks all together.


Not to mention the JAVELIN being spammed on the drop zone.... this weapon should have a lowed range of killing or vehicle lock only


Couple of suggestions for the game mode


1) allow people to use the SPECIALIST kill streak wich doesn't dropn from the sky....

2) what drops down should be based on how long your able to stay in the drop zone...

Im finding way to often one team is far too lucky getting high lvl kill streaks creating a very unbalanced game


Look forward to your ideas and input towards the game mode

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    Oh great another nerf for a perfectly well balanced weapon. The javelin is fine if you hear it and theres no aircraft RUN simple no?


    1)No its supposed to be No pointstreaks

    2) No than this would reward the better team using the care package table is fine as it is due to the excessive amount of drops....


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    Adding Specialist will only make people camp because once you get that 8 point streak no one will want to die or help the team.


    2. Care package drops are fine they are already easy to knock down ( No one does it though but I do)  Why change up a system thats already near flawless? Keep it random so its variety instead of the same old stuff. I dont want  to see a bunch of IMS because no one stays on the drop zone long enough.



    Also when you jump on a brand new drop zone the first person to touch it gets a care package how exactly would your system work?



    Drop Zone is nearly flawless and the crazy spawns only make it much more fun. Drop zone offers many play styles...



    Defending around the Drop Zone ( An area from above and kill everyone who even walks close to the drop zone.


    Explosive Users - I see alot of Javelins and RPGs and its similar to an offensive approach to the game. People dont like how grenades are constant flying but they are to stupid to put on Blast Shield which does removes some explosive damage a little is better than none and damage for explosives are already weak.


    Drop Zone Holders - They use Tactical Instertions and Trophy Systems racking up the points and earning killstreaks for the team.


    Rushers - Shotguns and SMGs out the ass. Crazy numbers of death in the drop zone areas and because its so small your guarenteed to kill some enemies everytime.



    Stingers- Knock down constant air support and is very viable to a team.


    Domination or any other game mode can not offer this many strategic approaches to a game mode. Personally I hope it stays in CoD and only look forward to improvement.


    You either hate this game type ( Campers and the people who cry about explosive and Drop Zone design) or


    NO LUCK INVOVLED and this game mode is possibly the best I have played.


    You LOVE it. There seems to be no in between.

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    ya dude its good random its finally time we get a game that adds an element of luck in it which makes it more fun IMO

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    Hey Pain, I agree but there is already higher level content in the care package if you stay in the DZ for a long time. If you will notice, it states "_________(Insert gamer ID here) has earned an Extended Care Package". What you get is something better than a UAV, Counter UAV, etc.

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    It looks fine. Havent played much of it. I probably should play and work on montage clips.