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  • 20. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    To my Fellow Call of Duty Elite Gamers

    I have to ask this of all my fellow Call of Duty Elite gamers, let's make our voices heard

    We anxiously await the Call of Duty Clan Operation Challenges!


    Let them know

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Call-of-Duty-Elite/212827325416762


    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CallofDutyElite


    as well as in these Call of Duty forums.


    I'm not demanding anything, I understand, that a service to which was not ready for the amount of subscribers takes time to get FULLY OPERATIONAL

    but I believe as paid subscribers we are at least rightfully owed an update of status.

  • 21. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Yes im getting sick of this.


    We demand updates now.


    Im a clan leader to (Criminal Minds, 32 members)  And im sick of looking for founders to boost up the clan. All i can tell to my members its the only way to boost up the clan.


    I also got a nice notification that: they understand my enthousiasm to look for members but that i have to limit the recruiting on the forums/operations and so. 


    What the hell, just give me the options to do it the way its supposed to be. Or at least a update. Otherwise i dont see any other options then to look for founders...



  • 22. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Hey my clan is not looking to get our xp by recruiting. We prefer to prove it by head shots and killstreaks. But unfortunately, we cannot until we who are founders get what we paid for. I could have used that $50 some odd dollars for a game or bills. Yes I agree COD needs to step up and provide services most of us have been paying for now for months. I mean we all love the franchise or wouldn't be on here, but please give your fans and the people whos money is paying your bills and making you so much money. But, once again my clan ain't recruiting founders we are wanting to prove our clan's power by outplaying the competition. But, we do want all of us as a ga,IMF community and the ones of us who have paid the money we did to start receiving what all of us have paid for. HOORAH!!!!!

  • 23. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Twitter is the best thing to message them on because as far as i've seen that's the only thing they look at.

  • 24. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    This drawing was created by @CallofDuty fan @SamGilbey. RT if you think Soap’s mohawk is badass.http://pic.twitter.com/Gx0aX8wW

    This is their latest tweet, so they can be bothered to look through fan art, but not sort out the service

  • 25. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    see I agree with Zombie Killa, they have time to post this friggin nonsense but nothing about Clan Operations, I'm going to tweet every dmn day and post on their facebook and post here

    Fck it I'm retired I have all day



  • 26. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Yep - 20 days and stil no update is rediculous. Makes me think Beachhead isnt working on it.

  • 27. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    clan operation are useless for me now. but the time they get this up a running I be on my 10th prestige and the only reason I was intersted in the clan was for the 2xp and the token but by the time they get it together those thing will be worthless to me.

  • 28. Re: Elite Clan Operations- We request an update!

    Sorry for the delayed response. I just got here.


    I work at Beachhead Studio on development team. I'm here to give you guys a direct channel to development and try and answer questions or otherwise give information. Activision and Beachhead are seperate entities and sometimes our communication can be out of sync.


    Understand that you guys are frustrated, and pissed. At Beachhead we've been heads down working on stability and performance. We got slammed by the popularity of ELITE and have been working hard to recover. We know we need to keep our promises or the community will not forgive us.


    This is not an excuse -- just the reality of the situation.


    Clan Operations:


    I have spent some time with the engineer who is working on this. The design is done, it looks good. The development is reaching the final stages before it enters test. Once it enters test, we have a ton of guys who will bang on it until we feel like it is solid. Our goal is to get Clan Operations rolling in January.


    More Clan features: we have a number of features also slated for January. I'll debrief more information on this in a future post in the ELITE sub-forum, which will go live today.



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    If this is real ^ it's still a massive p!ss take. January for something we should already have? Are we going to get 3 months free now?  And unless you made a mistake in the post I'm getting the impression you have one engineer working on this.  ONE!!!  You should have a fecking army working to fix this product you have already sold!!!!!! FFS

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