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(XBOX) Team Legacy recruiting 18+, 2.00 k/d min members. Apply today!!


Team Legacy is on the search for some loyal, respectful, skilled members to join.  Team Legacy has been around over 5 years and we are a smaller, close knit team.  Our team is objective based and we have a strong focus on team work. 


We are looking for players who have a minimum of a 2.00 K/D on their stats.  18 years and older only.  Looking for members who are on a near daily basis.  We focus highly on communication, so if you don't talk, don't bother to apply.


Only interested in dedicated and serious players who are looking for a long term team.  We compete on GB and we are Elite Founder status. 


If you would like to tryout, please go to our website www.teamlegacyhq.com/recruitment and send in an application. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to post on our team forums.


Please note our most common games we play are DOM, TDM, Team Defender.  We do also play other game types.  We are a North America based clan and are only recruiting NA players.