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  • 690. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    @LAXMAN066 what gun is that? The reload is non existant it seems. I use sleight of hand and nothing reloads that quick.

  • 691. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    That is great thanks for the spawn system, oh and the new game mode drop zone is really great keep pushing new community games out there i love it thanks

  • 692. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    hewligun wrote:


    I think what people dont understand about the type 95 saying its overpowered.. The reason its good and why I like 3 round burst AR's is because the accuracy is higher than a fully auto gun. The bullets fire closer together to the hit marker thus killing someone faster than a fully auto gun that is spraying bullets with recoil.


    Its just strange a SMG can beat the type 95 in long range gun fights. I have a good K/D ratio so its either lag or the Type 95 Is nerfed long range. If they made the m16 have a faster fire rate between rounds it would be a perfect gun for my style.


    Also I played last night and every game seemed to be laggy and I would die to inivisible people until i saw the kill cam. I had 4 bars and still seemed laggy. I reset my modem and router with no avail. My internet connection speed was fine when i tested it. I am on the Xbox 360. It seems the lag fix makes more problems. I rarely ever lagged before.

    I think what you don't understand is that the Type 95 still outclasses almost everything in the hands of a good player; hell, even an average player at that. It still requires only two bullets to connect to score a kill at close-to-medium range and five to kill out at a distance.


    The reason it was unbalanced previously is because the hipfire spread was so small that it allowed the gun to act practically as a shotgun does. Now, tell me: Why does nobody use the M16? Well, that's easy. The M16 is completely undesirable as a weapon. It does 45-25 and has a piss-poor fire rate; but the Type 95 has a significantly faster default fire rate, and on top of that, it has Rapid Fire available as an attachment. How is that not overpowered?


    This was definitely a placebo nerf for the Type 95. The problem lies with the damage it deals and the Rapid Fire attachment, not the damn hipspread; although, it should not have been that small in the first place. Trust me, they didn't do anything to nerf the Type 95's long range capabilities. I still kill in two bursts on a decent connection across long distances.


    I would say the same about the FMG-9's, as I have yet to survive in a gunfight against someone using them, even if I shoot first.


    Steady Aim = all powerful.

  • 693. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    fix the unlimited prestige token glitch, whole bunch of sucky little kids used it to get 24 hrs of double xp and they think they are good when i still can level up faster than them.

  • 694. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Lag still a problemo

  • 695. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    hehedin nailed it. You can tell if a gun is OP when you look at how many people use a comparable gun. Some examples of this: Bolt action snipers: You see plenty of MSR's as well as L11's. Why? Neither has any major advantage over the other. Lets look at SMG's. I see almost all of them. Why? They all have strengths/weaknesses. Now look at akimbo machine pistols and M16 Vs Type-95 (Only two 3-burst AR's) How often do you see an M16? Hardly ever. I'd say i've been killed by less than 10 people in all of my time on MW3 that have been using an M16. Now look at akimbo machine pistols. FMG-9? At least 1-2 people per game use these. I occasionally see akimbo M9/Skorpion, but not that often. The few times i do see akimbo M9/Skorpions, i tend to win the close hand battle 50% of the time or better. How often do i win close quarter battles against FMG-9's? Not very often, regardless of the skill level of the player. I honestly don't see the debate here at all. The Type-95 and akimbo FMG-9's are OP and it's extremely easy to see. Outside of that, the shotguns are too weak (Except the Sprayer.. i mean, Striker) Other than that, the guns are all really balanced, and I'm really pleased with the assortment of AR's, SMG's, and snipers people are using.

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    Head hit markers should not exist. Bullet to the head=dead. Silencers.... bullets are still bullets, they kill. If the damage and bullet speed is reduced with silencers and it takes 4-5 bullets for a kill, then those same weapons with silencers sure as hell shouldnt be shooting through walls and cars. PERIOD. and it also looks like there is no flinch when using a sniper rifle. wtf? you'd think flinch would affect a sniper the most.. even one little tap with a bullet should throw them off completely, almost like what happens when your are hit with bullets while using smg. There are way too many problems with this game and everything associated with it. I hope you start to notice your daily players decreasing and get your **** together. But one thing I know is since im heavily invested in this game (140 dollars later) and that i feel I've been ripped off (Elite), I will play the game only when elite is updated, only for a few hours a month until the next COD comes out. I definitely know that because of your failure to communicate with elite, and your failure to focus on real fixes (ex. clan tag buttons) I WILL NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT THIS FRANCHISE MAKES EVER AGAIN. Its upsetting that such a great game is hinderred by these idiotic mistakes.

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    The fire rate on the M16 is very high default. fire rate just means the rate the bullets fire from the gun. the M16 and t95 both have great fire rates even before the rapid fire. the problem is the time between 3 round burst. the m16 has a significant delay between shots fired which means if you cannot drop somoene in 1 squeeze of the trigger the time it takes for the second shot means you are likely dead.


    The m16 is useless unless you are in a long range battle where that delay between shots isint as imparative to yourself. If they fixed that delay and made the delay the same as the type95 you would see more people using m16s.

  • 698. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    dedicatedserversplease wrote:


    Please add music slider.  I will not go away.  I have tweeted 402 at least 1k times about this issue since release.  This is a  must have.


    I'll add this to the list of items to discuss with the audio and engineering teams.





  • 699. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    CaptLemmiwinks wrote:


    G IH A IN ID II:


    I generally run sitrep pro for my tier 3 perk, and a lot of the time I also have dead silence active (using specialist) in order to better hear footsteps. When I die to someone I could not hear, I usually check the killcam for whatever reason. Most of the time it is a dead silence user, but sometimes the player is using stalker pro, whish is the only other perk I have seen in this situation. The weird thing is that in the killcam I can hear the footsteps, but I don't hear them live. Is there some kind of bug sometimes preventing me from hearing stalker users? This happened quite a few times tonight, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing or if I'm just losing it (quite likely). This is on xbox by the way.


    We'll look into this in the New Year.





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