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  • 40. Re: Why do you camp in corners?

    Everyone else is going to bother you playing this game until they play how YOU want them to.


    BTW, Capt. J.O. hit it right on the tip.  Actually, he got the whole tip.

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    In all my time in CoD. I have never seen a guy sit in 1 corner the entire match. They usually move.


    I on the other hand rush and I jump to corners loads of times after firing my gun and I know another enemy is going to run by without checking for an enemy and I pick them of with Sitrep and continue on.


    Sitting in a corner camping is nooby but playing it smart is how you should play.



    If everyone rushes is that really rushing if no one is camping/defensive? You cant do something without the enemy doing to other.


    Camping- Yeah they can see you in a corner BUT they have slow reaction times because while they are ADS your going to just randomly run arcoss they screen completely getting caught of guard.


    I know I play on Mission and I cant count how mant times an enemy runs right in front of me and I freeze up. Holding does ADS not only makes your respond slower but it also makes your gun skills handicap when you need it the most.

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    lol I camp in a corners sometime because I snipe and I do not really like to QS all that much. I can QS but I found it easy to sit and get 2 kill in one spot then to run and gun with a sniper just becuse of the lag I see. some map I camp the center and pick off the people trying to run thought on the side of the map. If the map some what big I hard scope over QS if it is small I QS over hard scope.

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    people camp just to destroy the fun in that game ! or to get a better killstreak !

    i prefer to die with fun then play like that

    camp it's like sniper ! they have nothing to do in a game

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    I've often wondered this myself. I've even asked some people who camp. To which I've actually gotten a reply "ask a real soldier what they do and you'll see."


    As a former "real soldier" (U.S. Army), we never sat in a dark corner in combat unless, for some wierd reason, the mission calls for it. Snipers will look out windows, sit on roofs, whatever they need to do to control the area they are tasked for or get a clear shot on their objective.


    And this is all well and good. The flag on the shoulder of the U.S. Army's combat uniform appears to be backwards, but this is a symbol for "always moving forwards." This should be taken literally. In combat, you always want to be moving. As any sniper or soldier will tell you, you do not sit still for long...at least not if the other side has artillery. In this game, both sides have access to unmanned drones, attack choppers, etc. It's safe to say they would have access to artillery. And this should be used to limit camping. If you get X kills in Y seconds within Z meters of one another, an artillery unit should bombard the living hell out of your area. And it goes through buildings (which I don't understand why more ordinance doesn't make it through ceilings in this game, but that's another issue). Camping limited.


    Just my idea for limiting it.


    As for why people do it, it's an easy way to get kills with little risk, at least initially. Personally, I'd get bored. But it does work, especially if it's a coordinated effort. I played against a clan who camped their spawn on Arkaden. There was no way to get to them safely. They were spread and had all egresses covered. It was kind of impressive, but really frustrating. Especially when you know that a single air strike would take out that entire team.

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    half666 wrote:


    people camp just to destroy the fun in that game ! or to get a better killstreak !

    i prefer to die with fun then play like that

    camp it's like sniper ! they have nothing to do in a game

    1. It doesn't destroy my fun - yours maybe, but then that's the point!


    2. Sniping sucess depends on the map.

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    Shiznet23 wrote:


    Because it's my $110 and I can do with it what I want. It's been the same since the beginning of time. As Darwin said "Adapt or Die".

    You bought the game, good for you. That still doesn't make it any less pathetic though.

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    Ya I wrote this after playing several games in the same lobby where they were camping in corners and my team mates sucked so i was getting spawn camped as well. It was mainly hardhat that pissed me off. One was laying down at the oppostie end of the tunnel, i would kill him and somebody was sitting on top of the tunnel exit. Tried to go the other way and somebody was camping the other top of the tunnel by c side, somebody was camping the building by c side and when i killed both of the guys in the tunnel somebody was camping in the dark corner to the right of the b side tunnel exit who would move between there and the corner of the room by a. all were using AR's with supressors and heartbeat monitors with steady aim, blind eye, and assasin so when i managed to get an ac-130 i couldnt shoot them with it. O and they all had claymores or bouncing betties and one of the guys camping the tunnel kept putting a trophy system up

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    It destroys my fun when you go 3-16 in TDM because of that mentality and cost me the win or gets me killed while I'm trying to take out the killstreaks you gave the enemy, but you don't see me making a thread about shitty teammates.


    I would much rather have Mr. 4-5 on my team than Mr. 21-21.


    I hate losing, I don't have fun losing. I don't care how my team won, I just care that we won.


    At the end of the day, everyone paid for their copies of MW3 so everyone is entitled to play whatever god damned way they want to play. Anyone who says otherwise is a grade A jackass.

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    You are honestly saying that you knew exactly where several of them were camped, but when you got your ac130 you couldnt find them because of blind eye and assassin?

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