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Will MW3 have dedicated servers for Xbox 360 and PS3 or are they taking the cheap way out? When will we get our money's worth?

I think dedicated servers would make a huge difference in a competative game like mw3. Connection is a huge factor when it comes to gun battle and your overall experience with the game. As big as this game is all over the world... to sell the most copies constantly year after year I think its time to show your greatful enough to make our time on the game as enjoyable as possible. I believe that if we are not given dedicated servers its just another thing was over looked on purpose just because it's not in the standards... If we can have it I think we should have it plain and simple. I continuously hear from R.B we are doing everthing in MW3 from this and this and this to this... I hear nothing about the actual gaming experience. I would love to have a "Juggernaut" killstreak but how can I enjoy it if the host migrates and I can't connect for no reason or I get I.P flooded??????????????