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  • 10. Re: Wanna know why Quickscoping needs to be in CoD?

    No, they don't. This is Call of Duty, you can add various attatchments and equiptment to aid in your engagement or security. The user callofduty_capers is bringing a very logical and hard to argue point to the table. If you're moving and will engage your enemies you should have your machine pistol or regular pistol out and you should be taking a safe and fairly defendable route to your next location.


    If you're shacked up in a spot you should have equiptment at your back to protect you from flankers and stealth players. Call of Duty may be a fast paced game, but it isn't anything like the nature you're attempting to paint. The only clear and concise point that one can walk away from in this thread is that you're far too paranoid as a sniper to see that you can protect yourself.

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    I don't understand why people complain about quick scoping so much, I die way more from ARs and SMGs then SRs..... I think now that MW3 removed OMA/Commando/etc.. people just need to whine about SOMETHING.

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    There's a clear and distinct difference between whining and having a conversation about the mechanics and values we hold in our game. Read the thread. No one here is complaining that they're dying and therfore (X) should be nerfed or removed. We're discussing engagement and tactics. That may not be something that interests you, but it's far from whining.

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    In my opinion, the ARs were simply too powerful and the maps catered more to them. If you noticed how the maps are arranged in BO you can't get views on high traffic areas.


    I don't think being able to run around and rush with a sniper is fair either though. But I want balance and variety. I don't like anything being too powerful or obsolete (see BO).


    Here's my solution, make snipers slow sluggish weapons, by simply decreasing their mobility (Realism is less valid here.)


    This way, snipers aren't a supierior rush weapon. But they aren't ruined either.

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    The truth just is that Quick Scoping has no gameplay wise reason to be in game.

    It just is considered by some to be cool and I must say its fine looking but it unbalances snipers, as it is just taking advantage of aim assist.


    I don't like that IW has taken path to somewhat support QS by making it even easier.

    But to answer your statment there is NO reason for it to be in game in gameplay wise.

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    sounds like a good nerf. while they're at it they could decrease SMG ranged damage and increase AR recoil as well, for more varied weapons.

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    as much  as possible  needs  to be done to discourage this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avvbiNCGLfQ) type  of gameplay

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    Again, in a perfect world your ideas would work but answer this; who is outclassed in a scenario of Pistol vs AR? or even Machine Pistol vs AR


    Lets say Im using a sniper rifle on a map something like Afghan. Im on top of the cliff and I have one of the pathways Claymore'd which still leaves me susceptable on the other side. Facing against a team of 6 guys my Claymore will only (maybe) protect me against one of them. Not to mention I still have to worry about other snipers and AR users that are trying to take me out from the bunkers on the other end of the map. The point is, if I use a sniper rifle as it is intended to be used then I very quickly become a sitting duck and a target of interest for the other team, which essentially makes staying alive much much more difficult.


    So I get 3-4 kills, my Claymore protects me against one flanking opponent, its time to change locations. I pull out my Machine Pistol and start  heading down the mountain. All of a sudden I encounter an AR user who is out of my machine pistols range, yet Im dead before I can switch back to my sniper rifle. That just doesn't work.


    Being a user of Scout Pro on my sniper class I will be the first to admit that even with the help/aid of a perk you are pretty much outclassed at med-close range due to the fact that ARs and SMGs kill far too fast in the first place.


    As for being paranoid that isnt the case at all. Ive been successful sniping in all CoD games from MW onward. I adapt and I use them to the best of their ability. In MW2 I wasnt completely screwed when an AR or SMG user bypassed my claymore and snuck up on me, yet in Black Ops (unless I get a very lucky shot off) then Im pretty much a dead man in any close-mid range encounter, even with Scout Pro in my setup. Even if I can switch to my pistol in time to aim and fire off a few shots, do you not think Im still outgunned and outperformed by someone with an AR that fires like a laser?

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    ofcourse quickscoping has a reason to be in the game. Its called surviving! Tell me what a sniper is supposed to do when an AR/SMG player is rushing them? Switch to secondary? Sure that SOUNDS like an idea but the noobiest of AR/SMG users can pretty easily mow you down before you can fire off your first shot. Switching to secondary is almost as bad as stopping to reload, you become a sitting duck for a duration of time and it takes less time for your enemy to slay you with an AR.

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    So you are just saying I shouldn't ever die, so buff sniper.

    You can kill AR guy with Pistol/Machine Pistol its about your skill and reflex compared to the other guy. Sniper is supposed to be long range support weapon. Son't forget you have your team around you. Don't use sniper in maps that are not suitable for it.


    I have killed my oppenent countless times by switching to my secondary weapon in CoD games while using sniper. There is perks even to switch weapons faster. When I move from point A to B I take my secondary weapon out and take my time to move not just rush.


    It seems sniping isn't for you, so use the AR that you are praising.

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