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Gaz IS Ghost and Ghost May be Alive


This is a popular topic when it comes to the Modern Warfare series. IW likes to trick the players when it comes to the deaths of some of their favorite characters. In CoD4/MWR we all watched as Gaz was "exicuted" at the hand of Imran Zakhaev.. but that was just a play on sight angles. Gaz was not shot in the head at the end of CoD4, no. He was shot in the back and here is a little video proof for you.




The hacker even put lazer sights on to further prove the point that Zakhaev missed. Now the shot still may have killed him and i could have believed it... if it werent for a character from MW2 by the name of Ghost. Gaz and Ghost both share the same voice acter as well as some phyisical features.



Here is a statement from the voice acter of Gaz/Ghost to further prove my point that Gaz is still alive and is infact Ghost.




and here is a video showing that they share similar pyhsical features (the eyes)




Now as for those of you that belive that Ghost dies at the end of MW2 then here is a video that should change your mind.




Ghost was shot in the shoulder and the bullet left his body through his lower back... he was NOT shot in the head.


Now here is a video to show you that Ghost was not lite on fire...




As you all can clearly see Ghost is not on fire but Roach is so hes more then likely still alive.


Now if any of you have played the MW2 story line then you know that Ghost and Roach were covered by a 141 sniper team. Ghost offten communicates with callsign Archer. Archer more then likely saw the whole event unfold. He would have seen that Ghost was not mortally wounded nor lite on fire. I think it's safe to assume that Archer would have gone down and rescued Ghost after Sheperd and his men left.


Gaz is Ghost and IW is lieing to you... Hopefully MW3 will finally bring an end to this topic.

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