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Mw3 combat training?

Combat training not making a return? who is going to miss it? and should they implement it in the game?

  • Mw3 combat training?

    I personally will not miss it. MW3 will have offline, solo or splitscreen specops missions and survival mode. I think that the survival mode will definely be better than combat training.

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    Im going to miss it ALOT.

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    combat training = fail. Its for people who suck and want to see what its like to pilot a chopper gunner. get better by playing against people because bots dont act the same at all. I played nuketown a little bit on hardened and the bots are still retards. The never go in the houses and they dont help you get any better.


    Wont miss it at all.

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      In some cases that might be true but you have to understand not everyone is a call of duty veteran.. i only played it because my girl isnt that good at the game and she gets thrustrated when playing online matches with me.. so we resulted to combat training something she can handle and still get better.. even tho she will proably never play the online version of it.

    • Mw3 combat training?

      Tell me, when was the last time you've played combat training?
      Since the past several updates, not only do they have laser-accurate guns (G11 and shotguns are horrorifying in their hands), they can track/shoot you through walls, use equipment and killstreaks, and have even started sprinting.
      All of this is on recruit, might I add. Higher difficulties mainly just give them quicker reaction speeds. (Recruit, they may pause for a second or two before shooting. Veteran, they're literally an aimbot.)


      Good luck surviving across map against a bot with an RPK aimed at your head that doesn't have recoil. :|


      Also, just because you dislike it, doesn't mean it's for people that suck. I play competitively online. When I'm relaxing (not playing competitively), I like to play for fun on Combat Training, as does my girlfriend. Granted, it's insanely easy but she has fun and that's all that matters.



      As for the original topic, regardless of survival mode, I'm going to miss Combat Training. Survival Mode is basically IW's innovation of Treyarch's Zombies but is in no way comparable to Combat Training (Gameplay wise) though I am excited that it will be on all multiplayer maps.


      (Off topic again) I'm hoping it'll still be as fun for her (though she didn't like zombies because it got progressively harder thus scarier for her lol) but survival is the same concept. I'll be buying an xbox for her and try to get her into multiplayer either way.


      -A Shiddy Gamer

      • Mw3 combat training?

        I agree with everything you said, it was made to make you a better player if you are a novice or even a casual player, and going back to what you said about aimbot and reaction speed and even tracking you through walls,, if you can still get a 20 killstreak while they have all these upperhands how good will that make you in multiplayer online. i think it was a good idea but only once in a while because it is way more thrustrating then playing online normally,, i mean on veteran difficulty.

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      Oh please ct was on veterean was the only challage on bo

  • Mw3 combat training?

    Playing against aimbotters does not make you a better player. Not to mention, playing against bots in combat training is absolutely worthless. You learn absolutely nothing from them, the only thing you can learn from combat training is multiplayer mechanics. It will not help anyone besides a complete noob at the game get better.


    The AI is AI, and it will always be AI. It will never come close to surpassing a human, and thus, it cheats in order to stay ahead. The AI in Black Ops was the absolute worst at this: the AI has laser-accurate aim at Recruit level. They stand still and simply wait until that magic timer counts down to 0 to shoot you. On Veteran they're unplayable; they are simply aimbotting you from the entire map. There's no point in playing against them; playing on Recruit allows you to rack up extreme killstreaks, while playing on Veteran is essentially playing NES Contra with one life. It's impossible, and there's no point in playing. Every tactic that helps against the AI does not work against a human team, will never work against a human team, and thus it's a waste of time to program.


    No, I will not miss it, and I hope it never returns. No matter what you do, you will never program an AI to play the game better. The only thing you could do is to set cover nodes around the map (left_cover, crouch_cover, stand_cover, prone_cover) etc. in specific places on the map and program the AI to move from cover to cover. But still, they're still braindead and still worthless to play against; the AI will always make insane mistakes that make them insanely exploitable and easy to play.


    Besides, wouldn't a bad player learn more from getting their ass handed to them than racking up 300-20 against a braindead AI team? And getting their ass handed to them by a human team using tactics as opposed to an AI team using aimbots. There's just no point.


    I don't know if you caught this from my post yet, but NO. Combat Training is horrible.

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    I didn't care for combat training at all so I won't miss it.

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    I am going to miss it unless they bring it back. Great for testing classes and fun when you want to play maps with a choice. They should atleast give us 3 perks.

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    I liked it just to mess around for a few minutes when I was bored or if I had my laptop with me somewhere without internet and wanted to play something

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    Quite frankly, their are so many lag issues and pathetic noobs on multiplayer that I would way prefer to play computers with aimbot than a prick hiding in a corner or spawn camping with his full auto shotgun.  The whole point of combat training is to get the feel of weapons, maps and class set ups.  You can try killstreaks you don't get often so you can actually learn how to be somewhat efficient when you do get them (if I could practice with an AC-130 or Reaper offline, I would actually get some kills when I get it online).


    Combat Training isn't meant to make you the best player, it just offers a retreat from the frustrating multiplayer (and incredibly annoying 12 year olds who call everything and everyone gay) and allows you to get acquanted with classes, loadouts and whatever, and sometimes it's just relaxing.  Want a challenge akin to spec ops?  Put the computer on veteran.  Want to feel like a god and get all the best killstreaks just for fun?  Put the computer on easy.


    Those of you who rat on Combat Training because it doesn't teach anything or improve your skill must remember, it's a video game.  Not all of us are like you, we don't dedicate our lives to our online k/d ratios and who has the highest killstreak, and everyone who just preached about the importance of skill in video games don't get to pretend they're not in that group.  Many people play games to relax, some play for the challenge.  Combat Training offered both exceedingly well while still making it feel like the multiplayer we are all somewhat addicted to (it was the nicoret to my multiplayer addiction).  Yes they aimbot, get over it, so do many, many people online (especially on pc.), but we realize they are not human and, at least in my case, enjoy that they are not human.


    So relax, if you don't like it, don't spoil it for those of us who do and just don't play it.

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    i won't miss it really, but it will return in black ops 2, and one of the reasons why it's not in MW3 is because  that was treyarch's thing not infinity ward's, like zombies