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Triple Capping in Domination for MW3


Hi all,


I'm just curious. For those players who normally capture two flags in Domination in previous COD games and leave the team spawning at their home flag, will you triple cap in MW3?


The reason I ask this is that since objective players are now getting rewarded for capturing flags, will you go for that third flag (if possible) to gain say a Pave-Low (if you're an assault point streak player)


The team I run with go for the triple as we don't use those high-tiered killstreaks so we don't really worry about random spawns for the enemy team.

I prefer winning over a high K/D ratio.


I understand that capping two flags and leaving the team to spawn at 1 flag is a good tactic but if you were one off your AC-130 (for example), would you cap that third flag (if you're safe)?