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Assassin and deathstreaks: suggestions

I´m kinda concern about assassin and deathstreaks.Assassin seems to be too powefull and deathstreaks for me doesn´t belong to call of duty. Here are some suggestions. Assassin: advanced uav should show players assassin players in the radar. Deathstreaks: lock deathstreaks at lvl 80. For me this will make the game much more enjoyable and balanced.Share your opinions and Robert Bowling if you read this and if you could give some info about this, it will be nice from you.Peace...

  • Assassin and deathstreaks: suggestions

    I'm not saying I like death streaks, but if they were unlocked at level 80 what's the point? They were implemented for beginning players or mediocre players - plus no painkiller this go around so I'm ok with them.  I mean any good deathstreak is at 5 deaths, so it really shoudn't be a problem. 

  • Assassin and deathstreaks: suggestions

    Advanced UAV will show players who have Assassin on much like Blackbird shows Ghost users in Black Ops. As for Deathstreaks, if you have died that many times that you get one it means you need it. They can help stop spawn killers and whatnot

  • Assassin and deathstreaks: suggestions

    rising1991 wrote:


    I´m kinda concern about assassin...


    You like Pac-man, huh?


    Sad smiley 16

  • Assassin and deathstreaks: suggestions

    The good news is that (supposedly) the map design will be more linear and less vertically oriented than it was in MW2. Fewer places to hide, more emphasis on whether or not you can place rounds quicker and more accurately than the bad guy. If it turns out to be true then you really shouldn't be very dependent on radar to find targets. It will be very obvious which side of the map is theirs and where they'll be coming from. Perks like assassin may help certain individuals stay less conspicuous from the crowd, but its not like they'll be able to play hide and seek with you as they might have been doing in MW2 and Black Ops.


    In a best-case scenario the streaks will have been downplayed to such a degree that it really won't be terribly appealing to devote your perks just to avoid them.


    As of deathstreaks, I still say that they simply shouldn't exist. All they do is introduce more random hazards into the system, which is the last thing it needs. If they must exist, I say that the death count to trigger any of them should be doubled. Yes, you heard me, doubled. They should only be taking effect when someone is losing THAT badly.

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    Too powerful? it's half as powerful as it's older version (Ghost), what exactly do you want it to be? do nothing?#


    Adv UAV will be very easy to get in MW3, since support KS don't reset, if anything, Blackbird, adv UAV NEEDED a dumb down.

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    Deathstreaks should never have made a return - Assassin is fine as is.

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      Yeah, I really think people need to settle down on the "Assassin is OP" until the game is out. It's going to play and balance differently than Black Ops. It's not the same as Ghost in Black Ops.


      I agree that deathstreaks are garbage and Black Ops proved their nothing more than a novelty and not needed. Unfortunately, they're here to stay. As for them locking at 80, 402's answer to that is they're also there to help good players when they're doing bad.

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    I agree with mmartin. Assassin is good. I think everyone is forgetting that the new Recon perk will mark people on the map that receive bullet damage. I don't know if it is permanent or fades away, but on his twitter account Robert Bowling said that Assassin will not be immune to Recon or the Recon Drone. As for Deathstreaks, honestly in all the time any of us played MW2 how many times did the death streaks effect us? Painkiller was the only annoying one and it is gone. I'm cool with the game as is so far. After I actually play it I may amend this statement.

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      Until the assassin makes their perk three Dead Silence. That pretty much negates the effects of Recon. That only leaves one viable counter to Assassin - The Recon Drone. That means we have to play with a specific pointstreak (Not to mention one that takes at least ten points to acquire). The game will be half over by the time anyone gets one. Plus Recon Drones are fragile and can be easily shot down with a single missile or bullets. No, Assassin does not have enough counters for it to be considered balanced. Something's got to change.

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    I'm more concerned with so many EMP's going off every game.