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Should killstreak kills be applied toward your next killstreak?

So was reading around on these forums while I was working and I noticed that some people like the IW style of killstreaks where any killstreak kills you get stack and are applied toward your next killstreak. Others prefer the Treyarch version where no killstreak kills are applied toward your next killstreak. I know that it will not be changed for MW3, however in the future I think it would be cool to do a combination of the two. If it is a killstreak that you as a player control (i.e. Predator Missile, RCXD, Chopper Gunner, AC 130) I think the kills should be stacked into your next killstreak. On the other hand any "fire and forget" killstreak (i.e. Attack Chopper, Stealth Bomber, Sentry Gun, Attack Dogs) should not count toward your next killstreaks. What do you guys think? Either way if I have to choose I prefer IW's method.