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we can't let this happen again

I hope we all don't let the cry babbies mess up MW3 the way they had treyarch mess up Black ops. They cried about this perk/that perk shouldn't be used and this weapon is op/ that weapon is underpowerd. All it led to was  to many changes that ended up screwing up the game. What we have to make sure is that the lag and hit detection doesn't get as bad as Black ops

  • we can't let this happen again

    You're TOTALLY rigth bro. I was really mad with people saying: "You use ghost and silencer... you're noob." The only thing that was a little coward was a M60 big ammo, AKA camper weapon, and 2nd chance. That's it. But that doesn't give you the rigth to cry about anything. Now we have that f game mode that is anti-ghost. Shamefull

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    considering at least 60% of the call of duty community are children you can expect a lot of whining.

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      Did you read my statistics that I placed in the UK topic that was talking about the UK only getting 4 hours of double XP compared to the US 24 hour double xp limit?


      If you see it, you will see that I mentioned the almost the exact same statistic that you just mentioned.

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    Yea wat did happen lmfao

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    Why do 7-year old play COD? They just... SUCK.

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    the only things i wanted changed in black ops were the famas and the 74u. both of those were overpowered. people should use whatever perk they want on whatever gun they want.

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    Complainers didn't ruin Black Ops, Black Ops ruined Black Ops. Besides, if people didn't complain about stuff there'd NEVER be a patch, then you yourself would be in here crying that the game is broken.


    Imagine your precious Black Ops with ZERO patches. Remember what that game was like at launch? ZERO party stability, connection issues, teams would literally spawn on top of each other, the original melee lunge basically gave everyone free commando, enemy sound was "accidentally" turned off, there were quite a few elevator glitches & collision detection exploits, etc.


    Here's of an official list of all the things that would've never been fixed if it wasn't for people complaining.


    Finally, people complain because they want a balanced game. The Famas is NOT balanced, Ghost is NOT balanced, 2nd Chance is NOT balanced and Black Ops was ruined because of it.

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      there is a difference between a problem with a game and ppl crying about a weapon or perk. If there is something wrong with the game then patch it if ppl don't like a weapon or perk then the response should've been get better at the game. I don't care what ppl use i still do my best to hunt them down and get the kill.

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    *facepalm* seriously? You don't want patches for issues in the game and you don't want the community to voice their oppinions?


    It's not like Treyarch thought "Oh, hey this one person thinks ghost, Famas and second chance are all problems, lets blindly follow his complaints and adjust the game!" No, lol, tons of people all hated those things and it amazes me that some is actually complaining about getting a playlist without ghost and second chance. No one is forcing you to play it.

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      Where did i say don't patch the game? Show me where I said it. If there is a problem with the game fix it. if ppl don't like the weapons and perks other players use then tough S**t that's not a problem with the game it's a problem with the crybaby that can't/won't try and get better at the game.

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    IW have a track record of not listening to fans as much as 3arc, so I don't think we will have a problem lol

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    Something that should be banished is GHOST.


    Seriously, remove ghost and it's almost impossible to camp due to the spy-planes.


    Something that should be removed is ghost, rapid fire assault rifles (i'm thinking of the famas and AUG in black ops, they were too strong and they fired so fast with a ridicoulously good accuracy for such a strong weapon.)


    One annoying thing is that the weapons in call of duty are way too unbalanced, they all end up in one weapon being the strongest, they really need to balance them more,


    (some simple examples would be if 5 bars would be the max of something.

    So if a weapon had 5 in damage, the fire rate and accuracy should be 3 or below, since strong weapons recoils more, or at least that's what they should do in games to get them balanced.

    And weapons with 3-2 in damage should have 5 in both accuracy and fire rate, to make them more of an assault type, since when you shoot somebody it's harder for them to aim.)


    But since call of duty got it all wrong, you have weapons with 5 in damage, 5 in fire rate and 4 in accuracy, just like the famas in black ops.


    And there needs to be some perk tweaks, like if you want ghost you can't use sleight of hand, since the ghost perk is way too OP right now.


    And if you wanted to use ninja, you shouldn't be able to use ghost, since ninja makes your footsteps silent.


    And then you would have to really think before choosing your perks, like if you want to be sneaky, use ninja, if you want to camp with a sniper, use ghost.


    And ghost pro should do something like showing you the placement of claymores and other things, and hacker should be something like Taker, which helps you take flags faster in DOM and CTF, and Taker Pro, should help you place bombs and defuse bombs faster, helping you to be a better objective player.


    Discuss if you want to, i'm open for ideas

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    Its PS3, we will be ****** regardless

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    people who complain about the game should be banished. nothing is unbalanced or unfair. because there are no secret promo weapons or anything. everyone has equal access to each gun. and if one gun is so superb compared to the other or a perk or killstreak for that matter, then u should be using them too. the only variable is skill.

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    The only reason why people ***** and complain is because they're jealous that the dude that just killed them used a perk or a gun that they don't. Its actually kinda pathetic when all i can hear is someone crying the whole game saying "GHOST IS FOR *******. MAN UP" When in actuality, the one that needs to man up is the one thats crying.

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    I never understood and will never. Why people dislike why they put in the Express list. If you want to hide...dont play it. Could you be that desperate for hidden, shoot them in the back kills? I have played it twice. I have never even came close to proing out Ghost as far as shooting down 4 KS with it. I rarely if EVER use a Silencer/Suppresor, because I like to make noise to bring em out. No fear here!!!!

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      i guess ppl don't like that game mode because it was put in to shut up all the cry babies about the ppl using ghost with a suppressed weapon. I've played express and to counter all the spyplanes being used i carry the strela-3 and put the SAM in my kills streaks. When i need to level up fast i play it because more ppl use the spyplane so it's more for me to shoot down

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    Maybe they should listen to the fans for only one thing and that is beta test it first, effectively in the first few months of any cod title the customers are beta testing the game, that's when all the crying starts.


    I also think in MW2 the worst thing the devs did was listen to the fans and ask them what they wanted, they put ridiculous crap in the game that went on to ruin it !!!

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    it is fine so far Machinima and all the other major players that went to XP have confirmed hit detection and spawns are fixed