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A Thank You To 3Arch But People Stop Dreaming, MW3 Port Will Be Another Red-Headed Step Child Game



I know so many want MW3 to be the same as the PS360 versions (H*LL I want that too), but it won't be and most of us will be b*tching why again and again. So what we can do is accept this fact and accept this game for what it is and will be. We as Nintendo Wii gamers should be glad that Trey-Arch has at least gave us all these COD games for the Wii because Infinity Ward didn't, wouldn't and said we weren't worth it because the Wii makes there games look bad. Trey-Arch ported us MWR after they found that so many of us bought WAW for the Wii. They didn't have time to port MW2R because they were working on BO for all systems just like they did for WAW. IW didn't bother porting MW2R for the Wii because they don't care about us as gamers. IW is only doing MW3 for PC, XBOX360, and PS3. 3Arch is the one porting MW3 for us, the only developer that has made games for our gaming community. So lets give 3Arch a big hand for giving us games that even with all their problems we still game and still had a lot of great nights into years of COD gaming on the Wii.



Now about wish lists and why we can't have the same MW3 like the others. It won't happen Wii gamers. Every year for the past four years 3Arch has giving us more and more but still not the same as PS360, nothing will change with this game people. Having multiple discs won't help, we had multiple discs on Gamecube but that was because of the space on the disc itself. The problem is the overall RAM of the Wii. It just can't handle that much content all at once. In fact that is why the disc-drives have worn out over the life of so many Wii's so far. This is because Nintendo found a way to bring in and export data very quickly in the RAM so that the game plays smoothly but it doesn't load in the whole level or map. Because of this the Wii has to constantly spin that disc to get the info off of it. It has less RAM and they just can't put in the same stuff into our Nintendo versions. We still won't get all the kill-streaks, guns and equipment, theatre mode, clan tags and emblems, any map-packs and any other extras like Elite. SOOOO, lets just forget about that. Most of us Wii gamers will still buy MW3 (like 95% of us) and will play it for as long as it takes for another COD come to Nintendo.



Lets all hope that the next COD game will come to the WiiU next year and that COD game will be exactly the same as PC, XBOX360, and PS3. We all heard and if you haven't that CEO of EA said at the E3 Wii conference that EA will be bringing everything to the WiiU and they are working with Nintendo on making Nintendo's on-line experience so much better than it has been. EA will have BF3 (among all the other games) for the WiiU with all of it's bells and whistles as it does for the other versions. I really think Trey-Arch will make and do right by Nintendo but the question is if Infinity Ward will follow suit. I am a life-long Nintendo fan and have only bought their consoles over the years, but I was very tempted to get another console this round simply because of the 3rd party red-headed step-child games the Wii has got. I love and buy all the Nintendo classics but the 3rd party games have really been separated these past ten years. I truly want only one console and that next console is and will be the WiiU. I just want Nintendo to give us all the same 3rd party quality games and a better online experience. Nintendo needs to know their fans will still buy their classic games but a lot of their fans have grown up and play more adult content but they have families now and play the family games with their family. If Nintendo does the WiiU right, they can potentially totally outright win the console war because one of these consoles have to get one day that most of us gamers need a console that blends McD's and Apple-Bee's together.



I say all of us true Nintendo fans should write, e-mail, blog, tweet, youtube Nintendo of America and demand them to open up there online experience and give us everything PSN and XBOX Live basically gives us, any and all DLC, and with every 3rd party game we can get. Personally if the WiiU disappoints I feel and fear that many hardcore Wii gamers will just move onto the other consoles for good. If this happens even myself will only get the classics for the WiiU but all 3rd party games will be bought on another console, and I truly hate to say that...