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  • 10. MW3 Clan??

    my clan will be on elite and open to any talented players or players looking to have hella fun... Anyeone interested check out my forum

  • 11. MW3 Clan??

    ill clan up for sure.


    hit me up at aKIDnamedBEAU

  • 12. MW3 Clan??

    We can make a clan together? or do you have other plans?


    my k/d at the moment on bo is 1.85


    G. Day
    Greetz PaybackWR

  • 13. MW3 Clan??

    Who's making a clan? What are you thinking of calling it? i got one at the moment but there only 3 of us a bit sad because im usally the only one ever on im not bad not the best but can can help a team change a game around so i happy to join  or start up a clan or you can join mine its KILL in Black Ops.

  • 14. Re: MW3 Clan??

    i was also thinking of join clan  for mw3 can tell this in not tht good but ok and i willl also try my best make clan get wins.. and i want to join clan that is friendly really to had funn.. i dont want to join clan that all they want to do so start is  tlk **** about other players or teammates.


    if guys doing clan elite down to help im goin gettin hardened edition i will had membership for year 1

    DOwN to be cLaN WiTh YEYE_MW3

  • 15. Re: MW3 Clan??

    Are you on Xbox or PS3?


    If PS3, Make sure to visit our thread for more information. We have a Clan intro, high quality editing skills and much more. It will be a Double XP Elite premium clan with a Founder status leader, me.



  • 16. MW3 Clan??

    Im recruiting clan members all the way till dec 31. My gamertag is xSILENTxBACONx

  • 17. MW3 Clan??

    im look to either start up a clan or join one, i really would like to start my own, CLAN NAME: xXRunXx


    I got 3 of my buddies thats really good, but we havent claned up, if someone could assist me in how to even start a clan..lol that would be nice. And if you want to join then coo...but we will be ELITE or what ever. willing to go against the best in the game.

  • 18. MW3 Clan??

    im looking to start a clan....NAME: xXRunXx


    show me how to start it up and we can do this, i got 3 good guys right now, and before the mw3 comes out we can be on board.


    Hit me up

  • 19. Re: MW3 Clan??

    I am the leader of a clan, K0rUpT. look us up on utube. we have fun quickscoping mainly online and casual clan battles as well. u do have to change ur name, so if ur interested msg K0rUpT v Sc0Pez on xbox.

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