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PS3 - The 55's Recruitment

Clan Name: The 55's
Clan Tag: [55's]
Format: PS3
Location: EU and US
Recruiting: yes
Gaming Leagues: Gamebattles & The 55's COD 4 League
Website: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.the55s.com/forums/index.php">http://www.the55s.com/forums/inde x.php</a><!-- m -->
Mic: for clan battles yes but not needed for regular games

We are The 55's. A warrior group with the sole mission of erradicating all mincing Prestiege filth from the world.

If you are anything but prestiege aiming to remain 5 Star Lvl 55 and can follow the basic 5 Star ethos:

Star 1 - Loyalty
Star 2 - Friendship
Star 3 - Honour
Star 4 - Teamwork
Star 5 - The erradication of all things Prestiege

Then seek sanctuary at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.the55s.com">www.the55s.com</a><!-- w --> ...... it is a house of god ..... and our god is 55!

The 55's are above all we are above race, creed and country ....... we are a number and it is the number of the righteous.
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