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    Well from all the games I've been in it seems it goes something like this... The Brits hate the US and the US hate the Brits and all the other countries are just kind of mixed in between.
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    As an American, I completely understand why many non-Americans look upon our citizenry with disdain. I admit, I often look down upon this country, too.

    Many Americans are exceedingly cocky, self-entitled, lazy, xenophobic, condescending, ignorant, and hypocritical. It's the proverbial melting pot of douchebaggery.

    On a more political side, Americans are seen as ineffective "World Policers." In the past few decades, the USA has deteriorated tremendously, in regards to global stature and garnered respect. We used to be the best and the brightest, but our American educational system isn't as competitive as it once was. Our military used to be a force to be reckoned with, but it's proven ineffective in this new age of anti-terror campaigns. We haven't won a real war since WWII, and NO, Desert Storm doesn't count, as we're still in the midst of Desert Storm Vol. 2 - Operation Iraqi Freedom (remix).

    Side Note: I was in Europe during the USA's 2008 Presidential elections, and I was shocked by the extent of news coverage it got. So I think people in other countries still look to the USA as a world leader. But, herein lies another issue. The world knows who Barack Obama is. They knew who George W. Bush was. I'd SERIOUSLY doubt if most American can name the President or leader of ANY other country. There is a disconnect between Americans and the rest of the world. Global interest and awareness is not reciprocated by us.

    It's all quite humorous, actually. Think about it. The world's favorite sport is football (soccer for those of you..). But here in the USA, we have no qualms about calling it a sport for queers. We then create a different sport all together, and name it... what else.. football. But since we can't have two different sports with the same name, we change the name of the original football to "soccer", but we might as well have changed it to fagball. And in February, when the championship "football" game is decided, we call ourselves "World Champions" as if we had actually played any other country, let alone the world. Seems absurd, but to us it makes perfect sense. You see, we ARE the world... some people like to think.

    America is a nation so smothered by its own hypocrisy that I'm surprised we're still standing. The land of freedom, built on a foundation of racism and slavery.
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    I do not understand the hatred toward the United States. I am not ignorant enough to say that the US is the "best, brightest, and strongest", and that we should simply ignore what occurs in other countries. However, I am stunned by the crticism that not only US citizens display against their own country, but what other countries associate Americans to be.

    Is it not ignorant to assume that most Americans wouldn't know another leader of another country? The fact that our nation has been plagued with people that seem to "get off" on criticizing the country they live in, is appalling. However, my own personal opinion aside, these people, in our own country, have the right to criticize the United States according to our Bill of Rights. It is their right to say what they want, as long as it does not harm others in doing so, so let them have their rights.

    As for the people of other countries, there is a reason that the US is hated by these people. Some countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan, have legitimate reasons to hate us, as we have forcefully occupied their respective countries. However, other countries can not hate us for that reason, countries like Britain for example. My own personal belief is that the only reason the US is the topic of discussion in all of these countries is because we have extended our sphere of influence over the entire globe. Said in many newspaper articles "when the US Sneezes, the World catches a cold". It's the simple fact that our economy has become so massive that whatever we decide to do affects the entire world.

    If a country that had this much power did something stupid or something ignorant, would it not be displayed on a global scale? We are criticized the most often because the United States is simply so massive in its economic influence. This means that we should indeed be a better example to the world as far as our educational, military, and other actions are. However, the idea that simply because we make a mistake that our nation can be associated into one simply type of stereotype is plain ignorance. People of other countries judge Americans on a different scale for the same reason that African Americans are looked at differently by Caucasians, they are something completely different from what they are typically used to. It is the same type of thinking that eventually leads to racism, sexism, and other types of discrimination.
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    Dw0lf16 wrote:


    We don't drink enough tee like them.

    stoke87 wrote:


    They hate us because we are better.  hahahah

    you guys are the reason people hate us.  i live in illinois and no one around here talks like that.  i mean seriously.  i mean i'm no better than some kid in England reading this forum, and niether are you so grow up you dumbasses.  btw dwolf, it's spelled TEA not TEE
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    Watch the movie Avatar. America feels as if we have to take everything we want/need.

    We are the bullies of the world, and no one likes a bully.
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    Mr Kevin1337
    Well-first of all-when Europeans play video games during the evening or around 10 or 11 PM, they have to realize that it is the late afternoon in the USA. This is the time when all the 12 year old kids come home from school, drop their stuff, run upstairs and immediately turn on their Xbox (in America). So, when all the mature audiences in Europe are online (past a reasonable bed time for a child on a school night in Europe), the first wave of middle school children start playing in the USA. As a result, all of the Europeans annoyed by Americans start complaining and stereotyping every single American as a racist, stupid, uneducated being based on one encounter with a dumb third grader who just learned long division.

    Secondly, America has been a country for not even 250 years. European countries have been in existence four times that long. America is going to have problems in the first few hundred years. I can tell you that Europe had WAY more problems in it's beginning stages than the USA. If we had been around for as long as Europe, no telling how powerful we would be.

    I didn't explain that very well, but I believe my point is made.
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