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    Thanks for wasting my $80 bastards.
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    Thank you IW, I love the game, so thanks for making it! Not had any connection problems, problems with people glitching, no getting into glitched infinite ammo games, or any "lose half the party on getting into a game" problems, so it's running fine for me, so cheers for giving me the only copy of the game on these forums that seems to work!
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    lol wtf dude, burn me a copy of that disc.
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    Thank you for "nerfing" the 1877's but in reality if you use FMJ & Akimbo all they really did was make them even more powerful.
    Also thank you for shipping me a unfinished game.
    Also thank you for for making the campaign so short, I couldn't wait to hop into the fail that is Multiplayer.
    Also thank you for making every game I've joined for the past month a glitched one.
    Also thank you for rewarding people for doing bad with the most overpowered thing I've ever seen (Painkiller)
    Also thank you for making your hitboxes so ****** up that it sometimes takes 2 maybe even 3 point blank shots from a BARRET 50 CAL a weapon that in real life can kill 3 people in 1 shot from a mile away.
    Also thank you for nerfing lightweight but not fixing the care package knifing glitch.

    HAha says it all, merry F***ing christmas!
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    XBL Excardon
    "Is that why I only have 7 days played?
    Idiots. Gotta love them."

    Ummm.... Nice try bud. 7 DAYS is a lot of time considering the game has been out for under 2 months and you have already played 189 hours into the game. 7 days doesn't mean you only played for 7 days, when you factor in sleep and school/work that means you do pretty much nothing with your life but play this game.

    I find it funny coming from a guy who ******* this much about a game and praises Halo so much but still puts all these hours into MW2 and tries to play off the "cool rebel" persona on the internet.

    Do yourself a favor and if you really don't like this game go be a troll on Bungie's forums or STFU and stop being a hypocrite. You would cry massive tears if you never where able to play this game again and you know it.

    Even though your going to try to make some witty comeback saying you don't, and then you'll still post here, run straight to your 360 afterwards, and pop that MW2 disc and be one of those annoying people who cry in their mic about everything to a bunch of people who don't care about why its bullshit you got killed and end up muting you.
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    Dude, you went back 8 pages to find this? What a ***.
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    Sublime, you are amazing. The achievement unlocked thing, and IW being almost as bad as Bungie started it, but the fact that you can coherently argue a point, and destroy the hopes and dreams of the IW fanboys puts you over the top.

    I played Halo 3, MLG, all that, I'm in the top 11,000 legitly for kills, and I too think this is an insanely flawed game. Could be amazing, but they need to fix many issues.

    IMO, they took it too far. Simplicity worked for COD 4, but all the attachments, and killstreaks, make this game a noob loving, campers delight.
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    I don't get it. This thread is about thanking IW for the positives. Why are you people coming in here saying negative things? Go make a negative thread then. -_-
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    Simply put, Modern Warfare 2 is a BEAUTIFUL game covered up in glitches and hacks and they just need to be advised too and fixed once it is the game will once again, be great I'm sure most of these "glitches" and "lag" come from the hackers and glitchers themselves putting internal stress on the servers causing them to work harder then they should be it's just like playing any other hacked game, mods tend to ruin it with lag and or glitches. Give the game some time too re-cooperate and let the patches be released to what NEEDS to be fixed, which is matchmaking(Hacks/mods,glitches) and the lag target the most infected area first, then focus on the lower, less important targets like Akimbo and shotguns, I'm sure some of the hacking and glitches are causing some issues with it.
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    The hacks and glitches aren't even that big of an issue seeing how I haven't played one of these games, except PM glitches.

    This game has little problems that could of been sorted out from the CoD4, yet they ignored them and some how added more. GG
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