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    Sure you got good days and bad days the bad days suck. And the bitchers do ruin this game but hell its still the funnest game I've ever played
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    xI Blitzkrieg Ix wrote:


    Ever try a private match on Rust with a bunch of friends with throwing knives and no scopes only? When I get bored me and my friends just do that.

    Dude I do that too!!
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    And I thought everyone hated Treayrch? Just stop caring about if you suck or not then you'll have fun and not suck win win.
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    ThtJstHapnd wrote:


    I have a lot of fun with this game and as you can see from the forum theres only 1243663 post... which means not many people if you think about it are complaining. I have a avg K/d... and my friend has a .35 kd but he still has fun. I have fun just hearing his voice saying "Yes I got my care package... help where should I put it?" LOL he has fun even when he is getting demolished. Just because COD4 was super easy to master and W@w was too. (I am prestige 10 on both...) Maybe... just maybe you need to change your game style. Change the way you think about the game. I went into this game thinking it was going to be a "copy" of mw or w@w... I am one of the ones here that says THANK GOD IT'S NOT! Thank god someone took the steps to change the way a game is played. thank god IW risked their necks to try new things. I can remember a couple other games that tried new things and they were top sellers just like this game. but then you have the select few like the OP that can't stand the game. You are few and far between. look what I posted before 1243663 posts to this forum.. most complaints. LOL It's funny that 7 million people are out there playing this game, and loving it, like I do.

    LOL I was reading this post...thinking that while I was reading I would get to a point where I'd be taught some sort of lesson telling me to not take the game so seriously and to play with people you like to play with and blah blah blah...But I was in for the surprise of disappointment haha..

    That made my day to be honest.

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    ThtJstHapnd wrote:


    iReclaim wrote:



    Also, when did I type TL;DR? I don't even know what the f&ck that means -.-

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    iReclaim wrote:


    I've played to the extremes I suppose..I'm only the third prestige and I'm sick and tired of this game...

    I'm fed up with bitchers, I'm fed up with idiot glitchers, I'm fed up with terrible hosts, I'm fed up with the "I got shot 19 times by 3 people with a scar while my entire screen was bloody but I still managed to knife every f*cking one of them"[ers], And I'm fed up with the game itself.

    This game is just a chore for me...I've had good days and bad days..and when I have bad days I get so aggravated to the point where I could punch a f*cking baby. What is so f*cking FUN about this game? In W@W I had fun playing with friends...In Cod4, I absolutely LOVED playing just for the hell of it...

    But NOW It seems that if I don't have a good enough K/D I let myself down and then I just continue to do terrible and it makes me want to [again] punch a baby in the face.

    Why can't I have any f*cking fun with this game?

    I've tried MULTIPLE times to have fun and eventually it just wore out....I can't have fun playing this game and I realize that I only play the game because I CAN.

    What the ***...I never got this bored from ANY f*cking video game so damn fast

    I know what you mean. I usually do really good (2-3 KD or so per game) but then I play one bad game and every other game after that is just mind numbingly terrible (0-8, 0-9, 1-5). I went back to CoD4 and I figured out that I actually miss it. Try it.
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    I like to camp, and put claymores down.  My thought process is, I've paid 60 bucks, I'll play my way.  If you can get through my clays, and me shooting you then more power to you.  If not, Ill just keep killing you .. I love to camp.. :-)
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    I agree with the OP fully. Ignore all the idiots telling you it's your problem because it really isn't. Personally I love the morons that like to act like if you're not enjoying the game like a mindless dumbshit then you must be so obsessed with your K/D ratio that you're wigging out over it. I think that's an acceptable assumption about 2% of the time? Some people make excuses like that, and some people can see the inner workings of a game for what they really are.

    This game is great.. it just needs a few tweaks to put it on cod4 level imo. IW didn't hit the bar they set with cod4 plain and simple. The AR damage needs to come down, they need to do away with commando completely, claymores need to work correctly, cold blood needs it's own specific spawns away from teammates, and for the "spawn closest to the safe guy" spawn system to not apply to cold blooded players, etc.. etc.. etc.. They could also do without 5 entrances to every house/level and 3 ways to get onto every rooftop. THAT is what causes the camping, the maps have too high a probability for unpredictable **** to happen. So your bad players will still spawn up and run forward mindlessly and your smart players will chill back and move inbetween good spots and take the bad players out. I make it sound so simple but it's really kinda destroying the game if you think about it.

    I played cod4 all the time by myself and enjoyed it and it never really got old. Even though there were tons of things wrong with cod4 that could have been improved with a little tweak here and there, they never did it. I bought this game thinking that IW would improve on the bad spots of cod4 (which they did I admit) and couple that with some other gameplay improvements. What they did was add in way too much gamebreaking **** like killstreaks that hover over spawnpoints, akimbo anything (much less shotguns), commando halo 2 energy sword lunges that ignore bullets completely, horrible matchmaking, 40+ damage ARs 2 shotting everyone, etc..

    When I play this game with a few friends of mine and we hold down positions in domination or play to the objectives then I have fun with this game. But as many horrible games as i've played of cod4 where your teammates just spawn run die, spawn run die, spawn run die, over and over.. I can't really stomach that in this game. I just put the controller down and do something else instead of play alone.

    This game could be incredible if they'd get off their asses, quit listening to the whining ******* and just take care of what's wrong with the game. If I can see it and other smart players can see it I don't know why they can't. I'm not too fond of companies that are satisfied with mediocrity and more worried about how much cash they can milk or how large their statistics are. I know that's activision in a nutshell but eh.. I guess I liked to think IW would step up and break that shell.

    Sorry I went off on a bit of a rant myself but the OP is spot on.
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    What you are experiencing with mw2, I was with waw, but not as frustrating, ever since that I learned to lower hopes for video games and that is why I still have fun with most games I buy nowadays.
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    wow....some very depressed people here....
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    Sane Hedrone
    The OP makes a good point that not a lot of people seem to get at, and thats the games randomness.

    Imbalance, as long as it isn't completely severe, I can handle. MW2, on a general first glance, has enough balance to be playable. Yes, Assault Rifles are king, I recognize that, but at least doing well with an LMG, sniper, or SMG isn't something impossible.

    My biggest issue with this game, is its randomness. The game will just out of the blue decide its your turn to die. Its not an added level of depth, its an added level of frustration, to know that you can do nothing while the enemy has you at his mercy. Its not fun to play a game where anything at anytime can happen. Its not exciting, or challenging, its frustrating, for no apparent reason, other than to succumb to the desire that every gaming dev seems to want. More money.

    Besides the corner lag, and the fact that often times, getting a kill is purely based off of luck, whether or not your connection decided to bring you up to par or not. And its one of the reasons why dedicated servers would be a blessing on this game. The host system is flat out garbage, infinityward was completely high on meth to even me using this system. Whoever has the fastest connection has a massive advantage, so much so that it can make the game almost unplayable.

    Besides that randomness (Which is huge, but at least avoidable if your smart), there are so many other issues where you can die, not because you made a mistake, or the enemy outplayed you, because they got lucky.

    A perfect example is the Care package. It is the epitome of randomness. "Drops a random killstreak reward". Its so stupid. It was put in the game for the soul purpose of pleasing the prepubescents, the ones that have all flocked to this game now. Yes, I've heard the "Gives worse players a chance at having fun argument", but honestly, its bullshit. If you aren't mature enough to handle the fact that you suck at the game, and need to get better, your not mature enough to play the game.

    The spawns, don't even get me started. The maps, the more and more I play them, aren't as random as I thought. Its the bloody spawns that completely ruin the game. I watch every single kill cam. I want to know what I did wrong, so that I can improve. If I get killed from behind, I expect it to be because the enemy flanked, the enemy took the initiative, and I wasn't vigilant enough to stop him. And then I see the killcam, and realize he spawned right behind me. ******* bullshit if you ask me. Practically ever single killcam I watch starts out with the person who killed me, dying. Thats bullshit.

    Its not a matter of being in their spawn either. Their spawn moves, next to you. I have killed large groups of guys, only to have them spawn right behind me, all of them, that created a spawn next to me. Its not a fact of reaching the enemy spawn, the enemy spawn comes to you. Which of course adds on to the problem of painkiller, which never ever protects against spawn camping, like it should. It only creates more problems, by spawning players in with super health.

    Even explosives in this game are just so random. Claymores, while still usefull if you plant them right, have been butchered so much. Stuns/flash disablement, lightweight bullshit I might add. Claymores weren't a problem in COD4. I don't know why IW decided they needed a nerf. Grenade launchers, I have watched hit the opposite side of the cover I'm using, only to penetrate and kill me. So now cover doesn't protect me against explosives? It has happened on more than enough occasion. I watch the killcams, I'm not being ignorant, I see the explosive land on the cover, on the opposite side I'm on. And it still kills me. Why is that IW?

    The game on so many levels takes practically no skill whatsoever. The game will cut of your air, decide that its your time to go, because the game said so. MW2 isn't about outplaying the enemy. Its about using whatever you can to bring as much luck as possible in your favor, and hope you get a good killstreak reward. I know I am not the only one that gets incredibly inconsistent scores. Same lobby, one match I go 65-5, the next 11-8, are to takin a piss. I am aware of facing different skilled players, but I actually cannot judge how good I am at all, because every game its something different. Not because of me, and not because of the people I'm playing. Because of luck. And thats what this game has boiled down too. Luck.
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