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    This forum is pathetic...
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    thank you for making a shitty game with even shittier match making... anyone waiting for the new treyarch vietnam series? ( aussie gamers i presume)
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    Thank you for a craptastic game IW.
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    thank you for not listening to your international customers who still put up with red bar.

    Thank you for saying your matchmaking would work when its worse than cod 4.

    Thankyou for making treyarch now the premier cod developer.
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    xXx Skruffy xXx
    well i do hate IW aswell.. but i saw a comment on the 2nd page i belive, saying " thanks for the shitty campaign of 6 hours" well as much as i hate to defend IW.. CoD isnt really about single player.. its a multiplayer game.. and thats what its known for
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    I stopped playing multiplayer seriously weeks ago. The only time I use assault rifles is when I've exhausted everything else or I'm subbing for someone's team in a Gamebattles match.
    Carebear Package knifing and riot shield throwing knifing with a sideorder of akimbo pistols and marathon lightweight Spas 12ing. Oh, and I also do much more sniping.
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    Id like to thank IW for:

    care package glitch
    terrible matchmaking
    and very easy 4 hour campaign (though it was epic its still 4 hours *sigh*)
    killing the mw2 competitive PC scene
    no LAN settings
    oh and the rapid response to the feedback everyone provides
    for example "your matchmaking is BAD" 4 weeks later " dont worry we're fixing the javelin glitch"

    and finally making a Americans sound even more retard when when they complain how international players have the advantage when we are red bar..LOL
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    /\ id like the say all the things he said and i would also like the thank IW for not putting in the option of turning the music / voice voulme down or up + the really crappy maps implemented into matchmaking and also i'd love to thank IW for for the lack of bolt action snipers rifles. oh and also before i forget i'd LIKE TO THANK IW for wasting their time on making some BS online sig/tag thingo where you can put colourful pictures and moving symbols rather than focusing on making matchmaking the best (coughs local search)
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    I would like to murder IW for:

    Turning juggernaught into painkiller making it 3 times more powerful
    Ignoring our demands for a local search engine causing us only to get red bar games
    Putting in thermal scopes, throwing knives, akimbo and commando
    Keeping last stand
    Putting in death streaks to help bad players get kills
    Not proporly testing the game before release causing massive glitches to occur
    Putting shotguns as secondaries
    Failing to act on our requests to improve the game like a bunch of arrogant *******

    Me and about 30+ people I know are never buying another Infinity Ward product ever again. You disgust me in your arrogance and faggotry. I bet EA DICE listen to their customers because thats where I am headed.

    **** you
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