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Local Search for Aus/NZ

Yeah when is it happening?
Sick of all this looking into it bs, you've had ur holidays now put the local search in like u keep promising.
IW Net = Fail.
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    Menu bar>Studio>Blog>>>402 explains companies decision on this with PCs why would it be different for XBOX

    Quote from 402...NEVER.  Thanks for posting this for the 100th time. 

    1. Never going to be like PC games where you get to pick
    2. ITs done, XBL said no.  What makes you all think there is a second equally good solution that XBOX also wont shoot down
    3. Search Function as there are literally 1000 of these threads
    4. You need to buy a PS3 cause XBOX is not going to let them compromise their ideal setting to fix this.  Also as I said in another post this is revenge by Microsoft for MW3 launching cross platform at the same time as ODST.
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    Another local search thread.. tsk tsk.
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    Yeah, the MW2 exclusive Xbox was revenge from Microsoft too.  It must be a love/hate relationship between IW and MS.  I don't like ignorance.