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Things that NEEDS to be done in order to better MW2. P+S's.

Problems and solutions:

P:FFA Tactical insertion boosting
S:Make it impossible to spawn more than 3 times per game using tactical insertion. If people wanna boost, go nolife in a boosting lobby with OMA and riot shields. Don't let them ruin FFA for the rest of us.

P:OMA/Scavenger noobtubers (!)
S:Don't allow grenade launcher and rocket launcher users to have OMA or scavenger on at the same time. It is a problem, like 5/20 people I know quit MW2 and gave their game copy away to someone else because of it. In every game on terminal people stand for 10 minutes moving-fire, resupplying/use One Man Army, move-fire. Ruins the game. Allow it to be used with Stingers though, so people can shoot down multiple airsupport without having to die.

P:Intervention and Barret .50 cal hitmarkers(!)
S: Make ALL hits from the hips to head one shot kills. Legs are ok hitmarker hits, because you wouldn't die. This is a problem for quickscopers like me, who plays agressively with sniper rifles. I don't know how many times I've died due to hitmarkers but it's insanely much.

P: Model 1887 COMPLETELY nerfed
S: Well this isn't really a problem, more of a suggestion. The model 1887s are completely ruined. I was like 5 feet away from someone hit him with both models in the neck/chest area with stopping power, fmj, steady aim and he didn't die. I loved that you took some of the range away from it, but not nearly as much as was taken away. A M9 pistol is now better than Dual Shottys unlocked at lvl 67, which to me is a shame.
Spas is unlocked at lvl 1 and ***** all the other shotguns, and I can't see why.

This is the biggest most common problems I face in my MW2 gaming experience, and a lot of my friends who play or previously played it feel the same way and I'm sure 95% of the other gamers do too.

All of these should be easily fixed, if you can put something in the game you can modify, reduce or strengthen them, or completely remove them just as easy.

And I know theres probably been like a quadzrilliontrillion threads regarding this, but as you can see i'm new to these forums. So if you agree, leave a comment and maybe something will be done.