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Why, oh why, can't anyone shoot stuff down?

Okay so, why does it ALWAYS feel like i'm the only one shooting anything down on my team? I was in a Domination game the other day, and the dude got harriers, so, i shot them down. Then, someone else got harriers, i waited, seeing if anyone on my team would shoot it down, no one did, so, i shot that one down too. Then, dude got a chopper gunner, as the chopper gunner was out, their team also had out a pavelow, and another harrier -.-, now, you think, seeings how the enemy team had out 3 different types of air support, that SOMEONE other than myself, was getting tired of getting spawn killed repeatedly by these killstreaks so they would shoot something down.. but no, everyone just kept complaining about how many times they were getting killed by air support. While, i, had to keep killing myself, to get more bullets for my stinger in order to shoot everything down. Like, what the hell guys, seriously? There's 3 different air supports out, 5 other people on my team, and why am i the only one doing anything? Ugh