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AIMBOTS ON PS3 - witnessed, admitted etc..... plse READ

I filed a grief report, albeit that I am unsure how they work or who to send it too.... Can Mods ensure this is followed through please, investigated and then punishments handed down?

Regardless, Last night I witnessed and endured and had my night ruined by aimbots on a public TDM.... for two games straight until my messaging them made them a bit gunshy, although I had to quit anyway.... the three (in a party) ALL employed the hack (once thought impossible to use on ps3)

I witnessed the kill cams (7 plus each player - all stabs and shooting thru walls, not stealth bomber etc which confuses some idiots who think is aimbot) for ten minutes of the highrise, and all three from the same party used the aimbot hack (which involves illegally adjusting and tampering with your ps3, no?) and it was obvious as I hid in the corner with ninja and cold-blodded intentionally and watched all kill cams (everyone in red squares etc thogh attackers on foot, unmistakeable).... unmistakeable and undeniable..... younger guys on my team were screaming in confusion and declaring they would never play again, in tears etc (they flick past their kill cams I guess, I do not, so I saw early and then watch every one in full... I suffered 20 or so deaths, ALL via aimbot hunt..... the three players were also liars who denied, denied until I mad ethem see I knew, then they were abusive and said they were bulletproof etc etc when asked to stop and told it was PSN breach (multiple) etc etc, to which they were like 'F*** the psn, they are nothing' etc....

The THREE player's IDs are as follows and the game was just after 3am (November 19th - this morning, New Zealand time / Pacific time?):


There activities are illegal (like, actually criminal), they are cheats, hackers, abusers and have no concept of fair play or ettiquette.... please ban all three for life.....

I am 33 years old, I know what I saw (for nearly the entire ten mins, from my first death) because under the impression the ps3 could NEVER be hacked for the aimbot usage (Yeh, right), I was in a state of shock and stress at witnessing clear as day what I had seen only on youtube videos of PC matches (but hacking the ps3 is serious stuff, no?)..... Allow these three players to get away with this and fail to send a strong message and, well, apart from the ruining of one of the great games in history (look how pooh black ops is for example), I may well personally sue the PSN for their lack of policing and attitude of punishing the vociferous instead of the criminal.

I will expect an update (hopefully - could you do this for me?) as these three players have not just breached the PSN, they have broken the law. I even have their contacts to me admitting it - "How did you know"?> etc etc   "Come join us - we''ll give you it too" etc etc    I flatly refused... I am a soldier, not a cheating virgin.

I will be chasing this ALL up (this and my grief report, albeit sent to friends and do not have PSN ontact) and ensuring these three players have been life banned. I would respectfully request the ban be a full PSN one which restricts them from Black Ops (though unaffiliated) and the worksburger. They are scum... just worthless, unskilled bullies who are taking up server space. Please police them IW - they are spitting in your faces.

Thank you,
sincerely and faithfully,
Chunnster (PSN ID)