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Negative XP - CoD4MW / IW doesn't care

Hi guys.
I did caught negative XP after one of round. I sent a message to FOURZEROTWO day or two after that incident and  nothing really happed since then (that was few months ago). So my question is, does any1 of you dear gamers experienced help form IW in that matter? Does any1 been de-ranked? How long I have to wait to get this problem to be solved? I switched from PC gaming hoped that cheating won't be an issue in XBox Live, but I was wrong. I spent over 20 pounds for a product that is not fully functionally.

There is a screen shot as a proof, and yes, that's me in reflection. Sorry for that..

Please forgive me my English, I am not an English native speaker.
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    CombatVet IZ AF
    Not trying to pick a fight, but you have to remember that you paid $36 (U.S. conversion) for a


    game.  COD4 has been on the backburner for a while, especially when you consider that IW has released MW2 and is prepping for MW3's release.

    I know that MP is a HUGE part of COD, but can you still play the campaign?  If so, the game is functional.

    I retired from the Marine Corps earlier this year and am working part-time at GameStop just to keep myself busy 10-12 hours a week and get out of the house.  I always tell customers buying a game two years or older (namely COD4, WaW, certain HALOs, Gears, etc.) that they can't count on a reliable MP experience because:

    1) The servers are old.
    2) The community for those games have moved on to newer games.
    3) Hackers have had plenty of time to ruin the games.
    4) Game companies may either be out of money or working on newer projects so they've directed their attention elsewhere.

    Sorry you're having issues, but I wouldn't count on help from IW for your problem.  Cheers.
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    LoL you should work for them cus your just as usefull
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    @CombatVet IZ AF
    What you saying is wrong. I paid for a product which meant to be in full working order. If it isn't i expect to be supported by team who made this product. In my case MP is flawed and when faulty is reported this should be fixed. I don't care how long game is old. IW didn't say anything that they abandon, that they are not supporting CoD4MW any more. I don't want to play SP mode. I did that on my PC. FourZeroTwo placed a sticky post that if you experienced negative xp you should leave him a message. I did that twice. If he encounter a massive amount of replies why he didn't inform us.

    All I'm asking is, how long I need to wait to be de-ranked. Can someone form IW team answer my question?
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    CombatVet IZ AF
    Aren't you clever, little man.  Learn to spell and you'll be taken seriously.

    Would you buy a used car without doing research to check on problems with the model?  Rent an apartment without knowing who your neighbors were?  It's the same for a video game, especially one as old as COD4.  You have to do your research to see what problems there are with the game.

    You can't go to a single gaming site without seeing complaints about going negative on COD4 and the lack of response from IW (regardless of what FourZeroTwo has said).  To think they're going to drop everything to take care of you when so many others have experienced the same problem without resolution is a bit naive.  By the way, one of his messages said "we are not sending personal responses to everyone. However, that doesn't mean your account isn't being addressed."  Bear in mind, that was more than five months ago and I haven't seen any fresher posts from him regarding the issue.
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    So you are saying everytime you buying something you doing research about thing you want to buy? Have you track production proccess for you favor doughnuts? Did you checked city bus manufactuer? etc, etc, this is ridiculus.  When your car is broken, and when you taking it to the car dealer what are they doing? Trying to repair it or, they do nothing? I bought a game, it has a flaw, what doesn't? I reported the problem and expecting to be, sooner or later, fixed. Simple as that.
    And read with understanding. I am asking does any1 has been de-ranked and how long it took in that some1 case?

    One again forgive me my English.
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    CombatVet IZ AF
    No sweat on the English, Kepil - it's better than a lot of the people I talk to everyday.

    What I'm saying is that I do research on certain purchases, and anything used or older is definately worth looking into - and that especially applies to video games.  I'll get BF3 and MW3 new because of the hype and I'm comfortable with the developers.  Although I waited years for Duke Nuke 'Em to come out, I waited to buy it until the reviews came in because of the delays and I wasn't familiar with the game developer.  I'm glad I did, and rented through game through a DVD/game kiosk (by the way, the game is terrible).  Sure, the negative XP in COD4 is a flaw, but you have to look at it realistically in where the developer's focus is - regardless of what they say to appease the commmunity.

    As to your question - I have never seen anyone come on the site to say their score has been corrected.  You might want to look back at the dozens of other threads on the topic and send those guys private messages to quick a direct answer.
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    I don't have a time to search for an answer to my question in older posts. Nevertheless, I will keep messaging FZT. I also asked a question via CoD Elite Support tool as a secondary question (my stats from BO aren't updated in Career, that was primary issue).

    I will let you now if I succeded (I mean - de-ranked)
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    CombatVet IZ AF
    Good luck.  I mean that, but I hope you don't get your hopes up too much.  There are a lot of people with the same problem and no apparent solutions.