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Just the usual 20 or so of us left..?

I miss the glory days here. It's a wonder what IW are going to do with their official website when their latest game isn't part of it. If there are whole sale changes, when are they being implemented?

Why the mod team was removed I'm not entirely sure.

Anyone else miss how it used to be? Granted, I'm a very sentimental person. I remember in my last day of grammar school when my A-Levels were finished, just sitting out overlooking the courts where I'd spent my lunch times for 7years. No one else about, not a sound. Memories & realising I'm never going to see everyone on a regular basis ever again, some I've still never seen.

When walking out the gates I stopped to look back haha sounds like the plot to a shitty rom com film starring Hugh Grant or some other gimp.

By no means am I comparing a forum to my school days, just making an example of how you're used to something for so long then it changes.

****, got to man up here. I'm away to drink some beer through my eyes & insult some women!
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