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Hacks/moded games

I love the game, but hate the hacks/mods, whatever they are called.

  Fact- it ruins the game for most players
  Opinion- If you have to cheat...

Where was I, oh yeah, is there ANY way to play any of the MW games AND avoid this?

Thank you for your help,  I hope.
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    No there is no way to avoid hacks especially if you are playing on PS3 or xbox. You should take for granted that someone in the lobby may have the constant UAV hack, or other infections like one-shot kill with stopping power and many other mods. If you get killed always check if there is something strange in the killcam and if you believe that someone is hacking turn off your PS3 or quit game via XMB. Don't leave game because they may have already deranked you...
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    Join the cheat free community (see signature for website address) we have been fighting the cheating scum for 2 years now and the only way to beat em is to play as a team.
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    Would love to be part of a cheat free community if it was on the 360.