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  • 50. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    GW Domination Arkaden...# guys on my team with Green Bars. I have 4 and so does another guy. Enemy team 3 guys green bars, 1 has 4 bars.......Everyone else has 1 bar!!!! That is a total of 13 people with 1 red bar. In a <75ms lobby. Great matchmaking IW...Just great.. Oh and great servers Activision.

  • 51. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    This thread has made me laugh so much moan moan moan.


    Don't get me wrong the Lag Comp really annoys me, and i get hit by it hard but there are few things we need to mention.


    First of all and most importantly its a game, life does not depend on weather you win or lose or your KDR, its meant to be fun, enjoyed for what it is.


    Yes and i know your response will be "i am not enjoying it" well stop playing it then, play BF3 Skyrm what ever enjoy yourself.


    Secondly anyone that signs out of games should be reported and Banned for boosting, because thats what it is, If i go into a a game of dom and we are 150 - 30 down, I think i might be able to turn this around......


    Doesn't happen very often but on the odd occation it is very satisfiying


    thirdly, who cares what other people's connections are just because i can afford 50mb fibre optic cable, doesn't mean everyone can, and if my connection helps other people, then so be it.


    I mostly play in a party so people have good connections some don't and 1 is being throttled by his ISP by about 19mb is that his fault?


    No developers want their game to be bad mouthed, across the internet, they will be working hard to find a fix so its a level playing field, but these things don't come over night.


    Finnally GROW UP, if you can afford what you say you have, your an adult and should know there are  more important things to worry about.

  • 52. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    I will not stop playing until I get my $110 worth. By the way....FAIL Hit not a point with me.


    Oh to edit this...My PSN I.D. is the same as on here...not hard to find.. Report away.


    As a matter of fact you can add me, then report and then delete me. Sounds fair doesnt it?


    Finally<<<<{Thats how its spelled}, I worry about those things on the time I should.

  • 53. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    Look at your own spelling before correcting others.....


    How is that a fail, you make yourself look even more stupid with every comment.


    There is no need for me to report you, i am sure plenty of other people will! and IW come to the forum too.


    You have played over 100 hours now, $1 and hour seems like good value to me, Time for your to leave , Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  • 54. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    I know full well that they do, and so do the Mods that work for Activision.

    Who are you to state what value I get out of how ever many hrs I have played...Touch yourself much? Stroking yourself is a mortal sin, whether your ego or your body.


    FAIL...for the fact that you hit nothing on the head with me. You are basically a try hard poster, looking for a post count. If you do not worry about such petty things....why continue posting on the forums, or this thread for that matter.. These are my opinions about having to suffer with hosting. Nothing to do with banning lag compensation, or any ridiculous idea of such nature. I have every right to cut power to anything I have.


    ToS says nothing about what I turn off is bannable...See that is what is wrong with numb heads..."You should be banned because you wont let other people feed off you connection" How retarded or childish do you you have to be? Really..I should let others play with my toys even if I dont get to enjoy playing? Please stop posting on here..

  • 55. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    Haha Now its just for fun, when someone resorts to insults, in means they have nothing intelligent left to say, so please shhhhhhhhhhh!


    By turning off / or signing out your are protecting your W/L or KDR = Boosting, By the way this this is in the t's and C's


    And you got me just right, i am trying to increase my post count from 58 - 60 nearly there, and i will still be under 1 post a day.


    I forgot to add that to your value to, you must have spent at least 100 hrs on the forums too, so we are now down to $0.50 and hr, surely that must make it value for money.


    And as to your point that i hit nothing on the head, i think i have hit the nail smack on the head, you want to have a massive host advantage because you have got quick broadband.


    Your missing the point, and i will try and spell it out for you again.


    IT IS ONLY A GAME, if my KDR is 0.19 who cares as long as i have fun, if my W/L is 0.5 who cares as long as i have fun.


    Stop being so immature and grow up! or are you actually full of BS, and mummy and daddy bought you fast internet because they thought it would keep you quiet?

  • 56. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    I do not know where my mother is. My father is a 70 yr old man with his own internet and problems. You can have whatever stats you like. Some people with stats like that are booster for real. Why? Only boosters do not care what their stats look like because they enjoy getting killed for someone elses pleasure.


    Never said that I wanted a host advantage..I have always stated that i would like thing s to at least go back to the MW2 matchmaking where connections were evenly matched as possible. Not putting people with 51ms ping in with poeple with 74ms ping. That is stupid and causes too much latency, thus ruining the host experience. The only "host advantage" that should be given is a small increase to keep him above lagging behing the lowest grade connection in the lobby. Host is chosen for best, should play as near worst.


    Post count- Been on these Forums for a while not since the date given. this is just a name that I started using in IWF, and Black Ops Forum. My original that I can t access is yrs longer than this one. So FAIL AGAIN..

  • 57. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    In MW2 you had a massive advantage by being host, it was like you were a second ahead of everyone. That is what they have been trying to stop, the problem is they haven't got it right yet.


    What you have to understand is you are doing exactly the same as boosters that sit in a corner and get head shots, or in MW2 got nukes.


    You are boosting your stats by cheating, if you don't like how a games going you turn the machine off so your stats are not updated. Unfortunatly even when this is fixed there are still going to be games with lag, are you going to dashboard then too?


    Do you dashboard when you have a bad game?


    Do you dashboard when your team is losing?


    I rage quit because of lag sometimes fully expecting there to be host migration and it doesn't always show up. The problem is not always Lag comp.


    I couldn't give a Sh!T about stats, you obviously do, my stats however are 100% real yours are 100% fake.


    and as you are again being stupid about post counts, if you have another account that means you have even more use out of the forum, lets say another 100hrs, $0.33 an hour, surely thats good value   ?

  • 58. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    i AGREE WITH THIS,  I DASHBOARD ALL THE TIME NOW WHEN I SEE PEOPLE THAT ARE KILLING ME OVER AND OVER DUE TO LAG COMPENSATION.  Now that i found out that if i dashboard they dont get credit for any kills against me in elite it makes it even better, so i dash quite often now,  i think i get a good game once every 10 that isnt full of LagComp Babies

  • 59. Re: I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

    Esmorgue I fully understand what your saying, i back out of games if its got bad lag, im not paying £80 not to have fun and die all the time so someone else can have fun, i pay for a good internet connection for it to be nerfed so its like i have the most rubbish's connection in the lobby, i know its a number of things that are all acting together to give me this s$it game but the people with the red bars should be in there own lobby and not be playing mw3 on a mobile dongle or a shared dsl connection, it does say that on the game package that a broadband connection is required, so if people are playing on a sub-standered connection, i should'nt be pealised for it.

    I think that they should have a internet speed test every time you go to play mw3 then put you in a section where the lobby is good, moderate or bad ping and then do the matchmaking, then mobile dongle players and rubbish internet can play each other.

    I know its not some peoples fault that they carnt get a good speed in there area, but its not my fault eather, so why should i pay for it having 60-70% bad games. due to connection problems.

    Just my opion.

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