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Never thought i'd say this...


Goodbye Call of Duty.


Cod4 Simple fun with good maps.


MW2 Some of the craziest **** happened in that game but it was fun.


Black Ops  Best CoD to date IMO. The game took more skill than the other CoD's.


MW3 The easiest ******* game I have ever played. The maps are **** and the game is boring.


Never thought I would say this but I am moving on to Battlefield 3 until Respawn Entertainment releases their game.


I remember how much fun I had playing the BF3 beta and that was without the jets and other stuff. Then MW3 comes and it turns out to be a steaming pile of ****. And the worst game I have ever played.


It was fun gonna miss S&D hopefully RE brings it back in there game.




If you didn't know now you know ^^