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I've seen more Spine in Snails: Un covering hiding spots.


Fellow COD gamers, those who read and might identify what my title means, why be afraid to openly fight! I encountered someone who preferred to sit in certain spots (which I will detail below) and simply wait. Truly no spine in this person, it as if the game itself will inflict pain if he was to leave his post. Now you might ask, a camper? Most definitely, he wasn't sniping he had his assault rifle set up and well let me explain the two locations he would hide.


Bakara: Second Floor building, left of helicopter, with the two open balconies. Dude would stand on the table and wait for someone to climb the steps, I was able to take him out by shooting grenade launchers from the rear section (construction zone) it took both to dislodge this person and me falling twice it was very hard to remove this parasite.


Interchange: Back left area, before small alley that leads into the larger open area (usually the first spawn) dude would lie down behind that small alley way and again wait. This area wasn't a problem, he just hasn't found a better spot to hide.


This is not a complaint, to that person who justifies this type of playing good luck, oh and grow some friggin cojones! Happy hunting to you all.

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