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  • 710. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Just wanted to say this, im still playing 1 second behind most of the matches I get into, and its kinda pissin me off.

    This lag comp. is really starting to kill me more and more, and makes me regret buying this game.


    The recent update to address lag comp. has made it harder for me to play because I seem to be behind even more. 


    And I cant seem to find a way to searh for matches based on location/connection?

  • 712. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    This is a quick video of the garbage that we have to put up with every time we play. Just FYI, I have FiOS, 25/25, 19ms ping, hard-wired, CAT6, DMZ, etc...I run & gun with a KDR of 3.10 and I use multiple guns. This was from last night. I wanted to see the nerf on the T95, so I used that. Yes, I have gold camo on that gun along with other guns. I just keep hearing people say to nerf the T95 more. I feel like they did a good job, for the most part.


    This video shows that the nerf on the T95 distance is stupid and actually a little too much. I got 4 hit markers on one guy and it took 4 bursts to kill another. It also shows how awesome the spawns are (rolls eyes). I literall pop up right where the other team started spawning. And it shows how someone can drop into last stand and kill me with 1 bullet through a wall. It also shows the little screen flinch on kill cams when someone kills me at about the same time they get killed and the lag comp freaks out on the kill cam.


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    Ghandi: still no games found in Iceland for anything but barebones and mosh pit (sometimes tdm against icelanders) however, i wanna play ffa, search and kc and we have never been able to find any games like that without joining people on our friendslist. (needless to say, that doesnt work very well in the long run)

  • 714. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    hewligun wrote:


    The fire rate on the M16 is very high default. fire rate just means the rate the bullets fire from the gun. the M16 and t95 both have great fire rates even before the rapid fire. the problem is the time between 3 round burst. the m16 has a significant delay between shots fired which means if you cannot drop somoene in 1 squeeze of the trigger the time it takes for the second shot means you are likely dead.


    The m16 is useless unless you are in a long range battle where that delay between shots isint as imparative to yourself. If they fixed that delay and made the delay the same as the type95 you would see more people using m16s.

    Really now? How misinformed are you?


    The M16 has a default fire rate of 780 rpm. The Type 95's is 1000. How is that not a considerable difference in your eyes? The Type 95's 3-round bullet spread is extremely tight compared to the M16, further increasing the chances for a one-burst kill. And on top of that, the Type 95 does 110 damage with two bullets (yet it's a 3-round burst?) while the M16 does only 90. So in order to kill someone, you need every single round from an M16 burst to connect, while the Type 95 only requires two out until its damage starts dropping below 50.


    Again, add Rapid Fire and the damn thing becomes a sniper shotgun assault rifle --- effective at all ranges. Where do you see anyone saying that they prefer the M16 to any other assault rifle, let alone the Type 95? I would use any of the other guns before I use the M16, including secondaries. It's completely useless and completely outclassed by the Type 95, which also outclasses 90% of all the the other primary weapons in the game with Rapid Fire and how high its damage is.


    I certainly would use the Type 95 over the M16 even if they changed the delay between bursts for the M16. The fact remains that the Type 95 does 10 points more damage and has Rapid Fire available.


    If you're too blind to see that it needs to be nerfed on a logical standpoint and just presenting the facts, then you're just another person crying to keep it from getting nerfed because its all you know how to use.

  • 715. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    No nothing differrent,I still get no games found from greece

  • 716. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Hi G IH A IN ID II


    Still no match found issue persists....Cannt find any thing but just TDM in India

  • 718. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    I am still getting it as well. The one shot kills and entire clips filled with blanks are getting annoying. Add to that the teleport lag knives and you've got me pretty pissed off. The more I play the more I notice it too. I just finished playing a match where I shot an entire clip from an MP7 (and that clip is big) and on my deathcam I never fired a single shot. Off my next spawn I killed someone a second after I stopped shooting, when I was already reloading. Just because everyone else has Fisher Price internet doesn't mean I should have to get screwed. If people have bad connections it is their own fault (if you can't get good internet in your area move). Making the game give people that have good connections a handicap is just stupid. People in my area almost always end up host and it messes up the whole party. I am getting to the point where I am considering lagging up my connection every time the game tries to select a host. I don't really want to have to force myself to not be host just to enjoy a game I paid $60 for at launch.

  • 719. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

    Square up wrote:


    No nothing differrent,I still get no games found from greece


    In consultation with Microsoft we just updated the playlists again at ~ 2am PST. It'll take a while for this to spread to players. Let me know if this improves the situation please.





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