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Anyone uses LMGs?

This has to be the most underrated weapon class in Modern Warfare 3.  Seriously, these things have pretty much the same damage as ARs, almost as high fire rates, and massive range and magazine sizes. Sure, they're slow and bulky, but once you're ADS'd in and firing you can easily get triples and quads. I once used an LMG in Outpost and killed everyone on the enemy team under 5 seconds in just a single, continuous spray.

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    I do use an LMG, my choice is the mk46. I have tried them all and the mk is the only one i like

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    I used an LMG once for the Daily Challenge that came up and don't get me wrong, they are good, just I prefer not to use them as I usually play aggressive as well as tactical so using LMG's would slow me down.

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    Ive only really tried the L86 and I thought it was pretty good. Next prestige Im testing out all the LMGs. Its the only class I havent really explored yet.

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    Only for the 150 kill Marksman callenges. Then I go back to my Assault Rifles.

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    i think the lmg are crap in mw3 i only use them if theres a daily or weekly challenge for them my girl friend uses them sometimes when playing

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    I try to use the L86 simply because it is British, although i do wish they would have kept it as the slow firing monster it was in MW2; as it is now, it's basically the L85 (assault rifle variant) with a drum mag.


    I am also disappointed with the M60; it was great in both CoD4 and Black Ops, but it just feels as if it fires too quick in this game (and we all know the M60's best trait was it's slow firing)

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    There's not much point in using them. They're completely outclassed by ARs. In MW2 they had no damage dropoff, which balanced out the recoil, slow handling and movement. In MW3 they have damage drop off like any other weapon (except sniper rifles), but in addition to that they're slow to handle. They have large mags but slow reload.


    So their pretty pointless until they remove the damage dropoff.

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      Completely outclasses by assault rifles?  As you admitted, they have mags larger than any other weapon class, that alone is a huge advantage as enemies who duck behind cover thinking you're reloading find nothing less than a rain of lead heading their way.  No other weapon class (even with Extended Mags) can lock down an area as well as LMGs.


      Also regarding the damage dropoff it's not crucial for LMGs; after all, although one LMG bullet may not do the job 99 others just might, and even with high recoil a barrage of bullets is more than enough to have anyone (even snipers) scrambling for cover but finding them virtually useless as they get barraged by bullets.

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    I love the M60 in this game, its ability to cut through multple enemies. It is one of the few weapons that kills in only 2 bullets at quite the distance. I believe from where I am firing the damage is probably 40-35, I stay behind our AR/SMG guys and lay suppressive fire and can go all out if multiple enemes show up.


    I use Recon Pro paired with Hardline Pro so the enemies that gets away gets painted on the map for my teammates to see, this means I am usually still cashing in on my pointstreak when I retire to compose myself or reload.


    I have always loved the LMGs since the days of CoD4 but they simply are not for everybody.

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    Thermal MK46.


    Thank me later.

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    The lightmachine guns are not practical. You basically have to camp with them because of their slow ADS, low mobility, and horrid hipfire. They're much better on Barebones, with Sleight of Hand Pro, Quickdraw, and Steady Aim Pro.. but you're still better off with a submachine gun or assault rifle.

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      No need for camping, just follow your team and stay behind the SMG/AR guys, and let them clean up after your attack.

      Now that I have all my 10 custom clases I sometimes run with 2 LMGs. The PKP and the MK46 both have good ironsights wich means that you can benefit from Rapid fire w Grip.


      It is very hard to loose your RDS/ACOG on the M60 and I would not recommend loosing the Grip for Rapid Fire, it is still a beast anyway and one that you will benefit by not having to use quickdraw on it freeing it up for Hardline PRO.


      Just because you are the defender of flags instead of the capturer (leave that to the SMG-Guys) does not equal being a camper. A good thing though is to remind yourself to move to another vantagepoint from time to time should the fighting go on in the same area of a map for a long time as you will get flanked by someone who gets tired of your 25 round bursts.


      Use Marksman instead of Steady Aim, you will not get helped by it much should you be flanked and surprised by an enemy. With Marksman it is easy keeping your distance from he team and still bring mayhem to the battlefield.


      PKP, MK = SoH, Quickdraw, Marksman

      M36, M60 = Recon Pro, Hardline Pro, Marksman (M36 has a fast reloadtime of only 3,5 seconds and good irons.)


      I use my SMG classes to bring Recon to Recon Pro. As soon as you get Blast Sheild Pro switch from Stun grenades to Flash as you are unlikley to flash yourself with said perk. It is great for checking how many enemies hides around the corner.

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    I love the LMG's!


    For my first 1-80 go I got the L86 Gold. Grip + Thermal is beastly. If you play HC a lot like me and aren't a spray and pray POS then forgo the grip and use something else. I told myself that I'd use my L86 to get the 2500 kills title...and then I met the MP7! *ahem*


    Any who - Then I met the M60! The MK was also nice...Used the other two, but wasn't happy with the way they looked / felt. In short, we LMG users are out there, and there's nothing better than hearing people cry and whine when they pop off their small clips, duck around that corner and pop out when they assume we should be reloading only to find a barrage or lead heading their way.


    To the M60 haters - The gun is great! In both Core and HC I've found that it's rather nice. Sure it's not the same as it was in BOps, but it still gets the job done and there's almost no better sounding gun imo.


    Happy Hunting,


    vTc Goose

    "That's two O's in Goose"

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    Just started using them again. So far I like the MK46 best. (Haven't unlocked  M60)
    I only miss a LMG like the MW2 RPD. Loved that gun.

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    My next token is either going on the MK46 or the ACR... more than likely the MK as i personally prefer the M4 over the ACR, shocking i know