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  • 10. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    rushallday wrote:


    I'm going to use BF3 as an example. This is not to compare bf3 to mw3 at all. I don't even play BF3.


    I was wondering, how come they can add new guns in bf3 but not mw3. BF3 gamers just got 10 new guns in a free map pack recently. David Vonderharr at 3arc said things like this would be impossible for them... why? Why did dice manage to add guns in the game but IW and 3 arc can't? From a gaming devolvement point of view... why can't they?

    I'll give you some information, but it will not be an "answer".


    I am a programmer and I have been for decades.

    I see a LOT of people, just talking out of their aѕs in this thread.


    What are people talking about? Saying "it's impossible"?


    Did you not see the hacks we made on MW2?




    What makes you think that they cannot add guns?

    The gun data is just part of a scripting file. So you add new new index number, the gun name & data. Next you make a resource file with the weapon model, textures and sounds.


    That's it.


    This can be done on ANY game like this.


    Whats this comment about MW3 have more guns than BF3?

    Are you serious? Have you even seen the game? There are FAR MORE WEAPONS on that game. The "Back to Karkand" Map pack was NOT on the disc. It was a full blown download for EVERYONE, including the people with the "Limited Edition".


    As a matter of fact, the original Duke Nukem got new guns in updates. Quake 1, 2 & 3 got new guns in updates.


    Hеll, The original Rainbow Six got new guns in the "Eagle Watch" update, this is in 1997-98.


    The honest to God answer, is that these people are lazy.


    I have STILL not gotten access to my premium stuff from my pre-order of the Hardend Edition of MW3. I even filed the problem with them via their customer support and I have yet to get an answer back.


    So that's your answer.


    They are flat our incompetent, PERIOD.


    My advice to everyone is to get a copy of Battlefield 3. That way when you get sick of this, you can bounce over to that. When you get sick of BF3, you can bounce over to MW3.




    If you have a PC, try out ARMA2.

    That's the game that all of these other games wishes they were.

  • 11. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    You're right I get to have flawless connection, on servers with no hitmarkers or retard panic knifing and balanced weapons. what do you get? the same **** with different wrapping paper.

  • 12. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    I would assume there is a memory limitation due to the fact that there is a perk (scavenger) that allows you to pick up ammo from dead people. The location, ammo type, and timer information has to be stored somewhere for every dead player and then cleaned up after the ammo has been picked up or the timer has reached its limit. Considering there are 6 enemies dying constantly in this game, that’s a lot of information to keep in memory. As well put together as the IW engine is, it’s antiquated, much like the tech on the Xbox. Later versions of DirectX allow developers to store information in texture files which allows for other memory options however, that’s out of the scope of this topic.


    In BF3 (which is a great game btw) you select your load out depending on what type of solder you are. One of the classifications has the ability to give teammates ammo. Since it’s not specific to the ammo he’s carrying it uses less memory and can easily be handled.


    Hope that answered your question…

  • 13. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    Are you high?  BF3 has twice the amount of guns that MW3 has.  I own both games and play them both.  The guns in BF3 are numerous and call all be customized.

  • 14. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    What does that even mean? BF3 has like over a hundred guns, i have the game. it has way more than Mw3 and they added more.

  • 15. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    This guy has the best explanation, end of story. whoever you are you rock.

  • 16. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    youngkyle1 wrote:


    This guy has the best explanation, end of story. whoever you are you rock.

    He's also an ignorant *******.  New guns on, say, Halo, really is impossible.  Not all games are written the same way, and of course, writing new code to the console doesn't necessarily work, because the DVD is ROM.  READ ONLY Memory.


    Unless it was built in to the game purposefully, there is very little that can be done to a massive portion of the game because the source is read only. 


    It's not all scripts, you need access to model information, animations, textures, etc.


    In Halo, each multiplayer map was a sealed unit, with it's own set of weapons and equipment.  To add weapons, you'd have to open each individual map file and edit it, an impossible task on the console.


    PC mods, sure, as HDD installs are required most games.  XBOX and PS3, not so much.


    Without having worked on Mw3, no one can say for sure, unless the Dev's have let us know how the game is set up or actual modders figure it out.  (Halo had a huge modding scene in all of it's installments).  Until then, even Mr. Green Text is talking out of his rear.

  • 17. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    I guess I have to shut everyone down again.


    Look people, this isn't Halo, this is MW3. The question was about THIS game. I could not answer WHY they "cannot" do it, but I DID answer why they COULD do it.



    The question about the ram is irrelevant.


    30 guns is 30 guns. it doesn't matter what kind they are or how many you have available.


    If you have 30 people in a game, then you have 30 Primary weapons. You can add as many new guns as you want, but there are still only 30 Primary weapons in that game.


    It's the exact same ram stress.


    The weapons are not loaded into ram, until you pick them.


    The weapons left on the ground are buffered and go away.


    So the ram workload is always the same.


    And this "AEon_Xao" kid,..


    What are you even talking about?




    What next,.. is your Hard-Drive "ROM" too?


    Not to mention the fact that these games auto-search all removable drives for new content.

    If you couldn't change the "source" and edit it, then I guess all of these game patches and updates I see are fake,.. right?


    So whenever someone finds an exploit, it can't be changed,.. right?


    Don't be an idiot.


    Everything in the code is built with an index.

    Everything was also built with DLC in mind.






    WE MADE AN AC-130 ROCKET LAUNCHER that you could carry around.


    I even made a fully auto flash-bang launcher.


    If I even remotely cared about Halo, I would get on and make new weapons just to show you. Thank God for me, that I have the curse of good taste and I play on a PS3.


    So I can't help it that you are mad that I proved you wrong.


    In this case, fact trumps wishful thinking on your part.


  • 18. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    Why are you even playng this game still? I thought you said if they fix anything you'll sell it.

  • 19. Re: Why is this impossible for IW, 3arc and sledgehammer?

    Well, some of the IW reps have been saying that some of the DLC that should be coming out over the next 9 months will have stuff we have never seen before.


    Does this mean new Spec Ops missions or could it be new guns and perks?


    You never know.

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