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What's your take on it. Why are people angry at quickscopers, when it takes more skill the most if not all weapons in the game? Also i personally don't Acog quickscope but i don't find anything wrong with it since again it takes more skill then most of the weapons in the game? What's your take on this.

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    quickscope is actually real easy and i use wii mote not ccp i never liked ccp

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    its easy..the im aim assists does all thw work. a few games ago the winning killcam was a double kill QS. he zoomed in and both times it landed right on the guy. he did not have to move...its super easy but at the same time super easy to counter...every time i see some nube standing still u just strafe left and right and u get an easy kill

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      Yes but the majority of players aren't good at it. Which means it's more difficult than most of the weapons in the game. Which leads to the question why is there so much hate for it >_>

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    for me: no acog= no problem.


    If a guy is using an acog it's basically a 1 hit kill mk-14, which makes it really cheap

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    People think using the ACOG on their sniper rifles make them 1337 iiQuIcKsCoPeRs.


    It makes you look like an a**hole.

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    I don't have anything against quickscopers. (i do it myself)  but i hate people calling them selfs zzxxQuIckScopzzx and then they're using a asault rifle.......

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      would be even more funny if they cant even get an assault UAV

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        As of now, I am fine with quickscoping. When aim assist gets buffed (assuming it does) it will be over powered.


        Mainly because little kids who are super uber legitz zoom in and out and in and out and in and out until the aim assist pick up somebody. Then they kill him. (note, that sometimes it will pick up people through wall.)

        With aim assist, its basically a "Press two buttons for a kill if you have no skill at the game.!)

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    A sniper's two best assets are stealth and range.  When you quickscope you lose both, and you're at a disadvantage due to using a sniper rifle.  I know spots on almost every single level for a sniper to use, and sightlines that most don't realize, such as the corner house on seatown is a target gallery for a sniper if you know where to go.

    Best class for a sniper I've found so far is:

    L118A surpessed with impact proficincy

    USP .45 Tactical Knife

    Scavenger Pro

    Assassin Pro

    Marksman Pro

    Throwing knife

    Portable Radar.

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    Quickscoping in MW3 is pretty much running around with a weapon that is a one shot kill at any range and its EFFECTIVE at all ranges, plus the scope-in time is so fast that you will pretty much die by having someone stare at you. Quick reflexes+1 bar+a good sniper rifle= Win.


    Its easy, its simple, anybody can do it, the only skill it takes is knowledge of the ADS and shoot button.