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who likes these maps.


First of all, in ground war, you can only play 11 maps. carbon and lockdown are bigger than arkaden and downturn is similar but you cant even play them! But my main point is that these maps are tiny and horrible. Take probably the biggest map of mw3, interchange. Just to compare one of iw's games, mw2, there were plenty of bigger maps than interchange (and much better ones). There's afghan, estate, rundown, sub base, wasteland, derail, quarry, invasion, skidrow, and karachi.(not even including the dlc) these were similar to or bigger than interchange. these maps gave us plenty of spawns in which you dont spawn right in front of, behind, or on the other side of a wall by a player like in mw3. so plz iw, make bigger maps... much bigger. even make a dlc for the old maps. overall, mw3 maps i give on a scale of 1-10 a 4. mw2 and cod4 i give a 10. what do you rate these maps and why?

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    Well, maps are one thing, spawns are another. So, overall I would give the maps a 7.5, Black Ops would be 8.5-9.

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    I give these maps an 8. Not including DLC, heres how I rank the rest of the CoDs I played from release until the next title


    W@W 10

    MW3 8

    MW2 7.5

    Black Ops 7


    In W@W, there wasn't a single map that came up where I was like "****, I hate this map." In MW3, they may have gone a bit overboard with the small size of the maps, but outside of Downturn there isn't a map that I truly hate. MW2 was too camper freindly at times. Didn't really hate too many maps, but I didn't really love any either. In Black Ops, I either loved or hated the map, there was absolutely no middle ground. The maps I loved were awesome, but I hated 4 or 5 of the maps with a passion.

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    They're alright. It's more the spawns that make the maps bad I think. That's why I play search hahaa

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    The only map I can't stand on MW3 is downturn, I don't know why but it always seems you get killed from behind.


    The rest of the maps are fine, best maps in cod since cod4. I personally like the fact you can run around on any map with an SMG and still do well. If you play the maps enough you'll be able to judge when the spawns will flip so you wont get shot in the back as much.

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      The maps in MW3 are just tooooo small. I would have thought they would have made the maps different in size. I would say 99% of the maps in MW3 you are all "on-top" of eachother. I would prefer that when the DLC comes out that there are a few maps of considerable size.

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        When I first started to play mw3 I was very disappointed at the size of the maps, they all seem the same squar footage as each other just with different stuff to look at, but over the past 6 weeks they have really really grown on me and like the bloke b4 they are great for all guns, well not to nice for snipe classes and that's why quick scoping has been left in the game,


        But on all the other cod games but with the exception of the dlc content for black ops the maps seemed to me to be 3 different sizes small medium and large, but when they did the dlc for blops they seemed to me to just do all the same sized maps just arranged differently, and it's something that they stuck to for this game, I'm just hoping that they bring some bigger maps in the dlc for this game,


        I don't know why they gone this way as I remember when they released one of the map packs for mw2 and they was real proud of the fact they had made the biggest map as of that date, and it was pretty dam good as well, I can't remember it's name but it's the one where people could glitch in a big rock on the side of the map, now I didn't like the glitching part but it was awesome map for demolition domination and capture the flag games,



        One last point,,,,,


        All the way through other cods I played lots of domination games and demolition but in these small maps I find myself going for kill confirmed or team death match because there's no time to breath on these small maps, but that's just me

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    mw2 maps 8.5/10, Waw 5/10, black ops 9/10, cod4 10/10, mw3 6.5/10 basically they are two small with too many compact tight spaces that suit smg's more which isnt bad but sniping is extremely hard, all of black ops maps suited everyone but obviously there were gun/lag/hit detection issues that ruined it for me

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    They are very mediocre. I hate that they've removed all the fun stuff that MW2 had, like how you could climb almost anything (think Highrise). MW3 maps are boring.

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    These maps are not that bad people. I like how there small enough that you dont have to run across the map and die, then respawn all the way across the map. A bigger map means more camping places which we all know is not good:/

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    I personally like the maps of MW3; they're small enough that you spawn close to the enemy, while large enough that they don't give you a disadvantage due to spawn.  I also love the different aesthetics and worlds where the maps take place (this is probably the first game in FPS history where the multiplayer takes place in central Africa, which is pretty neat sh*t).


    The thing I love about MW3 is, if you stop looking at them from a MLG point of view, the different locations and environments that they take place.  From America (which never really had any maps that took place there in MW history) to Britian to the Czech Republic to even Bangkok, Thailand.  It adds a uniqueness to each map, and you're not stuck looking at the same sh*t different map like in CoD4.

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    To me the maps are on the small side.  I like mid size maps because it works better for all playstyles

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    Cod4 maps were my favourite so i have to disagree with you there. Backlot, pipeline, ambush, countdown, creek and shipment are by far the best maps I have ever played and i have played 20+ days on every cod since cod4. the maps were interesting and suited every play style, snipers were even took into account with the open lines of sight on every map. Mw3 is very selfish to smg and assault rifles. All Black ops Dlc and some mw2 maps are the closest thing to suiting every play style I have ever seen.

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    I like the maps.  Even though Dome is Nuke Town revisited, I like it anyway. 

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    the maps are poorly made, too small and too many places for people to hide!

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    i like all of the maps some less than other on mw3 but that was also true of bops. i just bought mw2 to prestige and get a feel of the game i never really played. So far i really think MW3 is prolly the best overall game to me. I really liked bops and played the heck out of it never seemed to get old. my biggest gripe about the mw3 maps are the crap everywhere and i'm constantly being forced to go around something on the ground i didnt see its really annoying. bops maps were so clean nothing blocking you or hindering you and you can actually climb on to stuff. idk the maps are a little small but to me thats fine i hate hug maps. The best thing cod could do is make all the maps playable either in bops or mw. like if you have bops and are playing that game you play all the maps with those sets of weapons and perks yada yada and vice vers with mw. it would be cool but it wont happen. that would be cool to play mw3  guns perks and such with wow or mw2 maps. that would be dope.

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    Yeah, it's really more the horrid spawning (you usually respawn a little distance left or right of where you were killed, so if people run the right way, they can easily run into you again shortly after you respawn and kill you again, which I've had happen quite often several times in a row) + people constantly running around that makes maps seem so small.


    Add on people using Extreme Conditioning while hip spraying with sub machine guns or akimbo machine pistols...yeah...

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    I've loved the maps for all CoDs since CoD4. Not the case with MW3 though. Each CoD had one or two maps that I hated playing on. Countdown, bog, roundhouse, dome, terminal, rust, crisis and cracked, but never did one CoD have so many maps I couldn't stand.


    The only MW3 maps I love are Fallen, Arkaden, Mission and Bakara the rest are forgettable garbage.


    I'd say


    CoD4: 9/10

    WaW: 8.5/10

    MW2: 8.0/10

    BO: 9.5/10

    MW3: 4/10

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    I've only played Cod4, Black Ops and MW3 extensively.


    Of those, Cod4 easily had the best maps, and Black ops the worst. I can not explain just how much I hate the Black Ops maps.


    MW3 is in between in my opinion, but leaning closer towards the quality of Cod4. The only maps I dislike extremely are Hardhat and Dome. Some of the other maps are also pretty average.




    Cod4: 9/10

    BO: 4/10

    MW3: 7-7.5/10

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    cod4: 10/10 by far best maps. love the playstyle

    waw: 8/10 a few really good maps, but not my favs

    mw2: 9.5/10 loved these maps, not as good as mw's but very well. iw was still putting in some great maps!

    black ops: 7/10 definitely didnt have the best maps. a few i loved were firing range, summit, and radiation

    mw3: 4/10 maps are garbage. i really thought iw was going to put in amazing maps. none of the maps i love. i liked dome, bootleg, and hardhat, but im very disappointed. they better make better maps in the dlc because i bought my premium.


    next map pack i dont want new maps. i just want old ones! if i got 5 to choose  the older mw's i would play bog, terminal, skidrow, highrise, and crossfire.


    and another map pack i'd like shipment, strike, countdown, scrapyard, and favela.

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      well we are definitely getting crossfire, shipment , favela and terminal ive seen the vid with new textures and slight differances ( exploding barrells are gone from the top of the small terminal building with the big propane tank on the roof) and as far as im concerned its a good choice.


      as for which cod has the best maps id say cod 4 but its a very close call between that and mw2 for me here are my favourites across all i.w cods


      mw2                    cod4                    mw3


      favela                   pipeline              seatown

      sub base              crossfire             lockdown

      skidrow                vacant                underground

      terminal               shipment            mission

      highrise               countdown          arkaden

      scrapyard            bog                    bakaara

      karachi                overgrown           carbon


      if i could have the current gamemodes, perks and streaks combined with all these maps in one cod you could make max prestige 100 and id still happily reach it without having to invest in a cod game again

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    The maps feel like they are designed by 12 year olds. Very easy to headglitch on most maps all over the place and they mainly favor cqb battles. Much better designed, diverse maps in the other cods, this said I do like most mw3 maps as I do favor gun on gun action and I can easily "headglitch" back, though it's frustrating as you need to aim so precise and fast to have a chance at beating constant headglitchers.

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    MW3's maps are awful. They're incredibly small and this leads to a number of issues;


    1. Poor spawns - one person can easily be within range of multiple spawn locations
    2. Spawntraps - same reason above
    3. Gun balancing - Guns meant for long range like the Mk14 and Type 95 are being used on cramped maps. Players that want to use them are given the CQ damage multiplier meaning people drop easily. It's not a bad thing but people aren't thinking practically about this so they claim the gun is OP
    4. Rusher-itis - smaller maps favor the rusher, but a playlist full of small maps build a mob mentality that rushing is the "correct" way to play. Players who like to play it slower than normal are immediately labeled as the plague
    5. Lack of sniping - The sniper rifle is impractical on nearly all maps. I use to have 3 classes to snipe. Now I only have 1 because of how little use they bring