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Why are Stealth Bombers and EMPs spammed?

Seriously its probably one of the most annoying things in the game.....

Your guys' thoughts?

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    Both of them are in Support while it should be in Assault.

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    I know! And it bugs! Specially since im a player who  uses Assault and gets a bunch of kills

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    They're spammed because they're powerful and easy to get. Even the biggest noobs can mage to get 18 points in a game of Domination. The Stealth Bomber needs to be switched to the Assault Package, and it should take more than 18 points to acquire an EMP considering it can be an absolute game changer in any game mode. I was in a game of Kill Confirmed today and my team was absolutely murdering the opposing team. It got to the point where I was starting to ignore the tags so I could try and put up big kill numbers. I just threw up my second Pavelow of the match, and we had a comfortable 55-40 lead. Some kid on the other team who was 17-30 dropped an EMP knocking out my Pavelow and our Advaced UAV. Completely threw my team out of rythem and they ended up wining 65-63.

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    stealth bombers can easily take out 4-5+ players if placed properly. (also when i hear a stealth bomber comming in i go inside a building and somehow i still manage to die) and the EMP is just way to powerfull to be in the support. like the name sugests (support) it shouldnt offer offensive killstreaks such as the stealth bomber, or that bullshit airdrop trap (which i seem to be always around when some idiot opens it).

    anyway, i belive that the constant use of assassin is also influenced by that fact that EMP's are so easy to get. if i were the devs i would move the assault uav to the support package and make it a lets say 6-7 point streak, and move the stealth bomber and the EMP to be a 10 and 15 point steak respectively in the assault strike package.

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    Stealth bombers bomb in a straight line across the map, go prone and you usually survive unless you are in the direct line of the bombs and EMP is countered by using Assassin so really it's a good balance for those about to bring in some kind of air support such as escort airdrop.


    Sensible players save the EMP for when something nasty goes up in the air.


    I use all the strike packages but if you want kills then it's Sentry=stealth=escort or pred=heli=ac, specialist is your choice !!


    XP =UAV=balistic vests=recon drone.


    Team player =C/UAV=Advanced UAV=EMP.


    I use all of them and don't find anything a problem except how bad the lag is these days, my KDR's dropped 0.6 when it was almost 2 but I have been playing dropzone which has no KS rewards except if your brave haha !!!.

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    EMP belongs in support since it is a support style reward. The stealth bomber should be in assualt since it gets kills.


    But then again I think uavs should be support only as well.


    Emps are spammed because of how they can clear the skies of any air support. Which makes them very useful againsts teams that like to spam uav's or other assualt strike packages like the helis.

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    And that is why the emp is good where it is at and at the value it is at. It is a support streak and does not need to be any higher then it is. the only thing an emp does  is end ksr and destroy betties and claymores and other equipmend and make the hs and ps be useless. which is a support feature. It does not get you free kills like the bomber does.

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    The EMP is like 500 points for using it I don't blame people for using it.

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    This game is catered to noobs, what do you expect? Everyone is rewarded for playing, even if they suck. It's the 'everyone should get a trophy' mentality.

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