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went back to mw2 and blps today...best decision of my life

title pretty much says it all. i wnet and played some good ol' mw2 and blops and i have to say that mw3 sucks manure **** compared to those 2. even after 2 years mw2 doesnt have a to bad spawn trap but thats probably because i play barebones only, it seems that every quick scoper has moved on to mw3 so i havent seen alot and no to many UMPs either.  blops is my fav. cod after CoD 4 and its easy to see why... player card, great leaderboards, best gun vs gun gameplay, more team oriented (dont know why but its alot more team oriented), no OP kill streaks...its just so much more than mw3



as any1 elsegone back to mw2 or blops?