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  • 10. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Hey Sennalike,


         Yes, I have gotten many M.O.A.B's ; I've gotten 15 of them. And I've gotten 2 of them in a single game. Now, wait, you must be thinking(And the readers).




    No, I haven't, you must understand that everyone who plays Modern Warfare 3 isn't as bad as the 'average player'. I am better than the average player for Modern Warfare 3, as I have been playing ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I was 12, when I picked up the game and annoying.. Haha,


    But, as Call of Duty grew more and more and the many titles came out; MW2, BO, MW3...


    I became better at the game, and did better throught time.


    If anyone does NOT believe, I can't get M.O.A.B's, then shame on you. Getting a M.O.A.B, isn't as hard as you think it would be. Once, you past 8 kills+ and receive all perks. Your pretty much set, if you don't mess things up.


    Here's my class loadout for getting M.O.A.B's


    ACR 6.8 | Silencer | Gold

    MP412 | Akimbo


    Semtex | Stun Grenades


    Scavenger Pro

    Quickdraw Pro

    Marksman Pro


    Killstreaks - Specialist


    2 - Sleight of Hand Pro

    4 - Stalker Pro

    6 - Assassin Pro

    8 - All perks


    If you wish to watch the footage for yourself of my 2 M.O.A.B's in a single game, add me on PSN, iHeartS2, and you can look in my online vault.


    Derick Sean | iHeartS2

  • 11. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    so far ive only managed to get 1  with the mp7+ specialist on bakaara ground war kill confirmed, and the funny thing is i wasnt even trying to get a moab, it just happened. although in the end it feels very good.

  • 12. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Thanks for the reply, and to the others in this thread too.


    I do understand there are players out there who are very good, certainly better than me!  I watched triiviiums video and can see how a MOAB can be genuinely gained. 


    I like your specialist set up, I use the ACR almost exclusively and dip in and out of the specialist class when the mood suits me.  Next time I run with it I will use the set up you have suggested and see how I get on with it.

  • 13. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    My setup,






    Sleight of Hand







    Steady aim

  • 14. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Cheers Triiviium, I'll give that one a go too.

  • 15. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I've had a couple, both times playing CTF using the following set-up....


    Perk 1 - Sleight of hand

    Perk 2 - Hardline

    Perk 3 - Dead silence


    Specialist kill streaks


    2 kills (activates after 1 due to Hardline) - Quickdraw

    4 kills - Assassin

    6 kills - Scavanger


    Primary: super soaker (PP90M1), attachments, silencer + extended mags

    Secondary: akimbo FMG9s.


    The most recent one is going on my You Tube channel in the morning (Youtube.com/SmarterGroup) with some commentary

  • 16. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    MP7 with rapid fire and a suppressor, sorry forgot about that.

  • 17. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Thanks for the reply, I hope with my reply to your thread. I inspired you to believe that the Call of Duty community isn't as bad as you would think it would be.


    I wish you best of luck on getting a M.O.A.B!




    Derick Sean | iHeartS2

  • 18. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I'll check the video out, and give you constructive criticism. Please don't take any offence to this, but when I give bad or good opinions. It should be used to help you out.


    Derick Sean | iHeartS2

  • 19. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Yes, I have twice. Specialist package is the way to go in combo with one of the better silenced guns or the T95 in a game mode like dom since it generally goes on longer than tdm or KC. Demo is good for it too.


    Came close to it again, against these christmas low levels a lot recently, in one game I had like 6 final stand assist 1 off a moab, Yeajh for final last. Karma for using it too I guess.

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