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  • 20. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I never seen one in a match yet either, i am midway through 4 prestige so had a fair amount of game time.


    A friend of mine plays on xbox and he has had around 20 MOABs, without cheating.


    He is about as good as me and my best killstreak is 18 ( although i never set out to get them ).


    From what i hear from xbox users i know it seems a whole lot easier on that platform

  • 21. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Tis the season to get moabs though with all these low leves, I came close to them not even trying, if you're not getting them now with the specialist package, chances are you never will. Though you still need a lot of luck.


    I was only in one game with another moab (did join a few games that already had them), was recently against christmas low level splitscreeners, I still topped the lobby despite his moab, tis the season to get them really.

  • 22. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I haven't got a MOAB as of yet but I have been close on multiple occasions.


    When I'm nearing a MOAB, I either die by a payback spawn or some deathstreak that involves dying by someone falling in final stand with a Striker or killed by Dead Man's Nuke.


    MOAB's come easy if you're against terrible or new players but I tend to find myself against average to experienced players more often.

  • 23. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I have had 5 so far and pretty sure all 5 were when I was using Specialist as well and I ONLY play TDM.


    Mine have come off of ARs, mainly the ACR and FAD.


    Had to be very close today while running Assault as I finished 44-0 on Village.


    I never boost btw, all my kills are legit, around 36k or so.

  • 24. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Yes, I got 2 today (Christams noobs lobby 2 in a row lol). Best thing to do is move around about 30% of the map for a couple of kills then move again. Thats the easiest way - its possible while rushing but why frustrate yourself even further.

  • 25. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I've gotten up to 23 on Dome, the first or second week the game came out with the MP7. After that, I haven't been anywhere close to it.

  • 26. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I have to zoom in to see what you wrote, lol. You have gotten 23 kills in a row on dome or 23 MOABS?

  • 27. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    i just got my first yesterday. went 36-0 in a tdm on lockdown using the assult strike package. ill admit i camped a bit towards the end when i thought i had a chance for one but still i didnt boost for it lol

  • 28. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I'm a knife only player so it's even harder. But last week I got an 18 knifestreak using the specialist package on Outpost. I was obviously camping and soundwhoring like a coward but I was still really close. My death: I was at the big hall in the back of the map dunno if that's c dom or a dom, one side is really open the side with the little bunker where people camp all the time I was at the other side. I saw a guy in the little door and I ran to the side so he couldn't see me he was pretty close to the entrance and then I ran back in and got killed. He walked backwards a bit so I had no chance. I was really sad after that but also really happy because I got such a high killstreak.

  • 29. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    sennalike wrote:


    Because so far I have been in three matches when they have been used, I watched the match back and each time they were boosters.


    I'm starting to think it's the only way to get one.  I don't particularly want one myself but it seems sad that people are resorting to boosting just to get one.


    I have reported the offenders in each case but whether that will work, who knows.


    If you have a genuine MOAB please post it to restore my confidence.


    You can go look it up on youtube and you will see many ppl getting a M.O.A.B

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