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Does complaining show your lack of skills???


Why does everyone complain about campers? If dude keeps killing you why do you insist on going for revenge only to walk into his bullets? Doesnt this show your lack of skills if you cant get the player out of his tent?! I've decided to stop complaining about campers because, its just another way of playing the game.

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    When I run across a "good" camper that gets me 2 or 3 times because he adjusts his position slightly yo throw me off I just avoid his campsite, its not worth raging over.

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    Maybe not a lack of skill but certainly a,lack of class. Humble in victory , humble in defeat. Everyone has their own style u just have to deal with it. BTW I'm a rusher but campers generally don't bother me .


    On the few occasions I get outsmarted by a good camper I usually say well done while laughing in time for them to hear me. I also let them no in the lobby afterwards that they done me good n proper but ill be gunning for them next game

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      That's two posts in two minutes oc your I just read that I totally agree with mr junglejim


      Yeah if I run into a good camper ok they might hear the obvious "you camping basturd" if I'm wearing my headset but I don't really meen it lol it's just I'm pxssed for walking right back into a trap I already knew was coming lol



      But I got to admit on these small levels these campers are not always camping and if they are they not too hard to root out n shoot in the face lol


      But just enjoy the game and learn to adapt if you find some1 who challenges ur style of game play, it makes u better as well, and more thoughtful when charging into a room and get blindsided by a bloke hiding in the corners lol

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    I enjoy Killing campers, the best way to payback is to take out your missile launcher and take him out like a rat!  I usually do this after being killed 2-3 times, after that just kill him 2 or 3 times with the rocket luncher and they will get pissed just like you after being killed cheaply like that! IT works! I'm telling you. and you'll enjoy it too. Just may them pa y.

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      Funny thing is, if you can successfully knock the camper from their hidey hole and keep them out they typically will quit out because they don't want their k/d to suffer from not being able to camp. That's true for just about any "high k/d" player, you will rarely find one who doesn't leave if it looks like they won't be able to dominate the game. Instead of learning from the butt whooping they would rather stick to the same m.o.