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Consequences for doing Unlimited Prestige Token Glitch *CONFIRMED*

     Hey guys so recently I have been getting a lot of questions from my friends and clan members on what can happen if you do the unlimited prestige token glitch. so i decided to do some research and put together a video full of ONLY confirmed information. NO RUMORS

so heres the link and leave a comment on what you think about these Consequences. Thank you guys for your time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL-BlgagRYo

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    nobody has anything to say?

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    I think it's a bit rediculous for people to get banned for doing something that's IN THEIR GAME. Regardless of if you call it a glitch or not, the fact is IT'S THEIR CODE, their fault, and those who have done it should not be punished. It would not have been possible without their CRAPPY programming. MAYBE they should hire better Devs and fire the crappy ones.


    I think they would loose a lot of players, and a lot of dollars if they did as you suggest. There are just TOO MANY people who have done it. I know I'll move over to BF3 if that's the case. I know plenty of people will agree.


    Literally, prestige is only a measure of how long you've played the game (aka how little a life you have). Prestige tokens are a JOKE "reward" for wasting your life on a bugged game. I have no regrets either way.

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    I hope your right azdanial33, but I don't really believe much that comes out of RB's mouth remember "No Last Stand"...


    There are thousands of people who have used this glitch and I hope they reset/ban the lot of them. But from a business perspective its a dumb move with DLC around the corner. These guys care more about money than they do about a fair game. They are not going to risk losing thousands of players to other games because they screwed up the token system. At the most I think they will ban/reset some of the more serious abusers but I doubt they will hit everyone


    Still, I hope your right, but I will beleive it when I see it..

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    Why would you wish that on people? The "glitch" doesn't affect ANYONE whatsoever, so why should you care? Why should IW care?

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    Because I don't need to cheat to rank up prestige, and the idea that there is some level playing field on reaching 10th Prestige means if you have it, you earnt it. If it takes some players half as long to get it because of the token glitch then it devalues prestiging and we are back to MW2 where it meant nothing if you were 10th.


    I admit it! I am a COD fanatic, have been since COD4. Top Prestige actually means something to me.


    The rules are clear don't abuse glitches or you will be banned/reset. I just hope they follow through with it. Because I have seen COD versions like WaW ruined with glitches and it sucks. Now even if you know the glitch is there you run the risk if you exploit it. Its good for the game.


    As I said above I doubt they have the balls to ban that many users, and like you said it is their fault the glitch is there in the first place (I agree its crap programming on IW side).


    Not much we can do except wait it out and see what they do.

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    You should get banned. You have to go through a series of events to manipulate the game. Tokens were meant to be earned. Its not like its an option to turn off/ on unlimited tokens. I could care less if people threaten to not play. Go play bf3. You'll be back playing c.o.d. in no time.



    Its just too bad IW doesnt have the balls to do it.

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    Anybody who "knowingly" participates in the use of known glitches in the game, especially to gain an advantage and or cause grief to other players for their own enjoyment, thus breaking the rules set forth by companies such as IW and Microsoft in ther ToS agreement should be perma-banned. That is all.

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    OR, like I said, 2 points:


    1) It doesn't affect ANYONE negatively (so uber, calm down)

    2) Prestige is literally how long you've played the game for (so there's no advantage, and you look like you have no life)


    Nothing special. That's why I did it, because I could care less how much time I spend playing the game. 1st or 10th, there really isn't anything different, no advantages, etc, unless you're the kind of person that gets a boner at titles and emblems.


    At level 80, you still have everything unlocked, unlimited prestige tokens or not. Before doing the glitch, I literally  had everything unlocked that I had wanted unlocked (legit). ***** and giggles as they say.

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    Prestige shows how good you are at the game, AND how long you spend on it. You are right it doesn't give you an advantage. But its like having a award/medal or throphy. I  won/earnt my trophy, but you bought yours from trophy store and put your name on it and claim you won it.


    I like Prestige, I am only 9th but when I enter a lobby and others see my prestige, I get comments and message, some even leave in fear.... I like that..


    Anyway its good that you don't care about prestige because if IW/Activision do what they say, you will be back to the pre-prestige and no stats. Which shouldn't both you because you don't care.

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