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Everyone needs to stop playing this game


cause maybe if nobody plays this game at all they will fix this POS game


1. thanks IW for nerfing the FMG9 lmao it's soo laughable i can get sniped by akimbo FMG9's


2.great job fixing the spawns we complain about it since the game first came out has it been fixed NOPE..Today i spawn into a game in progress what happens as soon as i pick my class i get killed thank you for that one IW


3.Why even put shotguns in this game their completely useless besides the Striker


4.Way to screw over the Cod Elite premium payers **** don't even work and you're going spit in the PS3 players face that payed for the premium they cough up 50 bucks and still has to wait till xbox players get them (luckily i wasn't stupid enough to pay for it and thank god i didn't)


5.Are you guys f&*#ing retarded NOBODY likes last chance everybody complains about it you guys knew how we felt about it and you still put in the game and you then can strap a bomb to their chest that can take people out from like 100 yards away


6.Death Streaks why award shitty ass players that suck so they have to get help from a death streak


i can go on and on but it's funny IW can fix the stupid **** and put new maps out really fast but won't fix it shows how money hungry IW and Activation are