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  • 90. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    Take away the fact that 3 UAVs = Advanced UAV, and move Advanced UAV to the Assault tier, and AUAV showing Assassin users would be perfectly fine.

  • 91. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    Why move AUAV to Assault?


    Everyone complaining about Assassin needs to do exactly what they are complaining others are not doing - experiment with different combinations.


    Think about this: you're complaining that another player relies upon a single element in the game. Really? Let's put that theory to the test on ... you.


    Run either Assault or Support with ONLY the UAV active in your kill streak rewards. Then run Hardline as your Tier 2 perk.


    The result is that every 2 kills (or every 1 kill and 1 objective cap) you get a UAV. Don't call them in right away. Instead, wait until you have two in reserve and then call them in and get two more kills while those two are up. You'll get an AUAV.


    Or try this. Run Assault with UAV and care package. Damn near every care package will have another UAV. You'll be running either a UAV or AUAV almost the entire match. In fact, you'll more UAVs and AUAVs than you can use.


    And the odds are that at least one other person, and most likely two others, on your team will also have UAVs in their class load outs. AUAVs will be spamming the entire match.


    Try it. YOU step  out of your box and experiment with different elements of the game instead of demanding others do so.


    You'd be surprised at what you'll discover.

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    i guess you are refering to hardline. im not saying its the best but i dont see anything wrong with auavs showing assassin users.

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    Recon + motion sensor should pic up Assassins.


    It's Recon. The name says "I know what's going on"


    Assassin is a passive perk and should be counterable. Active perks should not be counterable.


    Active: I have to make Recon work, it won't show me on it's on. I have to throw the granade or fire the shot to get them to be marked. I have to ACTIVELY get the perk working.


    Passive: No matter what you do the perk works, there is nothing you can do to make the perk not work.


    Again, Active perks should the uncounterable ones, and passive should be counterable by some combination of perks and equipment.


    End of story.

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    Good idea, except for the fact that you can't stock pile your killstreaks like you could in MW2. If you get a second UAV without calling in the one you already had, the one you didn't use goes away.

  • 95. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    Recon + Recon Drone makes it constant moving arrows if i'm correct. AUAV + Recon also.

  • 96. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    I've had that happen with predator missles......

    I had two I used one and I was going to keep the other one to get the challenge for the killcam, because I was winning FFA. But when I used the first one and it came near to the end of the match, I looked down at the bottom right and corner of my TV and I was liked wtf?

    Where did my predator go, then I raged and won the game without getting the challenge.

  • 97. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    They are supposed to be stackable, even in the loading screen tips I saw a tip mentioning it.


    I read somewhere that it's a function that is apparently not working correctly and will be patched. . . .eventually. . . hopefully this year.

  • 99. Re: Advanced UAV Should Show Assassin Users

    For the record, if you're running something like UAV -> Carepackage -> Predator, All of the carepackages you get will stack on the bottom one.. so if you get 2 IMS and a UAV from care packages, you won't lose them. However, if you don't use the UAV that you earn from the actual 3 kill streak (or the predator from 5 kill streak), those do NOT stack.

    Also someone somewhere else said earlier that you can use the recon drone assists as kills towards higher kill streaks. You can't actually because support kill streaks don't count towards kill streaks... ie getting kills with the stealth bomber, SAM turret, or explosive decoy don't count, and niether do the hardline pro assists.