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am I the only one who really hates these maps?

Coming from cod4 on the pc to this game on the xbox360 the maps just feel more crowded, almost as if I have no room to really enjoy a long range fight.


These maps are just so poorly designed that they only really work for one type of play style and everything else gets shafted. I've yet to see anywhere on the maps that can be used as a last ditch defensive clutch, or where squad based tatics would really put my team on top against run and gun zergers.  everything feels hectic and clusterf***ed. I mean wheres the overwatch areas for snipers like the 3 story building from crash, the back buildings on ambush with mgs for falling back to and doing some old fashion defense, or the tatical advancing found in some matchs on strike.


everymaps seems to be designed for the brainless zergs