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Fed up, frustrated, and kinda peeved


Why is it that everytime there's a patch to fix lag, I experience more and more lag?


When MW3 came out, I was amazed at how well the game played. No lag. At all. Everyone had four bars. Life was great.


Since then, I've experienced more and more. Until the last two days, it was at a level I could live with. Nothing more nor less than I have experienced in other games at times.


Tonight, however, I throw in my trusty MW3 disc and ... I mean, I really don't know how to explain this.


The game literally froze several times. I thought, damm, is my console giving out? So I tried a couple of other games. That "other" FPS  and Black Ops? Work fine. Hell, MW2 works fine. MW3 again ... nope, freezes up again.


Now that is a true Call of Duty WTF moment.


That was after I spent a half hour trying to figure out why the heck I was only getting one bar. Tried other games. Yep. They work fine.


Restart the modem and router. That always works in one bar situations.


Not tonight.


So the following are symptoms I experienced tonight, not necessarily in this order - and it was ONLY with MW3 ...


-- Lag. And I mean massive lag. Lag I had thought completely impossible prior to tonight. (not lag compensation, I mean full on lag)


-- Screen skipping


-- The ... chop ... chop ... chop - like a damn lawn mower running out of gas is the best way I can think of to describe it.


-- Weapon fires after i release the trigger ... what??? yup. I pull the trigger, nothing happens. Can I jump? Yes. Oh, there it goes! Now my gun shoots - after I let go of the trigger a second or two ago.


-- Reloads without the reload sequence.


-- The game would also run perfect for a minute or so at times, then suddenly drop to one bar. After various amounts of time, it would go back to four bars.


--  Long game loading time. Not in single player, only when you go to Xbox Live. And then there's another long delay when you go to a lobby. Then another long delay  when you click to find a match.


-- And, finally, I am dead serious - the game literally froze up the whole damm console. The third or fourth time this happened I just gave up.


And like I said, NONE of this happened on any other game I put into the console.


This crap was not happening before. Every time there's a patch to address "lag compensation" there has been more and more lag.


I mean, you know, at some point you've got to say enough is enough. Well, I'm there. There's nothing else I can do to make sure I have the best connection I can have. And that does not even play a factor when the fact is the game worked perfect until the patches started flowing.


What the hell is going on?

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    I am in NSW Australia game played ok lag wise to out 1630 and then went it hell....froze, laggy to the point it was unplayable, lost server connection numerous times, even few lost connections to xbl.


    Interestly the game started to improve from 2100.


    I suppose it was just aver traffic?

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      You know, that crossed my mind when it was going on.


      I had my DNS settings to the Google server thing. Took that out and went back to the automatic settings and that worked for all of two games then it went back to hell again.


      The problem with the theory, though, is that other games were playing just fine.


      The main thing is that now I know I'm not going nuts. 1630 your time? It was about 1900 - 2000 local time on the US West Coast. I don't know if it last longer. After a little more than an hour of jacking with it, I gave up.


      I don't know the time zone translation. Did it happen globally at around the same time?


      edit - just looked at the time zone differences. Adjusting for time zones, there's about a two hour difference between when you experienced it and when I did ... but it could have been going on for several hours.

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        I would be v interested in the answer to this lets keep this thread top. Its 0020 here and I'm off to bed. Will check this thread in the morning and bump if needed.


        Cheers gallp13

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            venom6283 wrote:


            Try battlefield 3.  No lag there.  Lmfao but u retards wanted to buy mw3 and look at all of u now.  Crying like a bunch of lil *******.  Don't worry I'm sure they'll come out with a patch to fix the lag.  Lol yea rite!!!


            I have BF3.


            And BF3 is a fun game, too.


            BUT ... it has lag, too. It just doesn't show itself as easily because of the size of the maps. But the lag is there and I know this because the hit detection can be really, really bad.


            BF3 is an entirely different world. Comparing it to MW3 does not make anyone look like a genius.


            I really don't get why people bother comparing the two.

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          Try bf3.  No lag there.  Lmfao but u retards wanted to buy mw3 and look at all of u now.  Crying like a bunch of lil *******.  Don't worry I'm sure they'll come out with a patch to fix the lag.  Lol yea rite!!!

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    Do a ping test on www.pingtest.net, an unusually high ping or jitter could be the problem!

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    Lately I have noticed more of this when I never had before..


    Getting shot after I run around a corner (to hide from a shooter)


    I see him, he sees me, I am behind the corner and my guy gets shot before he hides when I have already hidden


    I still am consistently at a 1.4 KD for the week, not great, but if I was getting smoked I would care more

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      I have the same thing, my k/d has dropped 10% in the last 10 days.  This game is an unplayable piece of garbage.  I will not be purchasing another IW game.  $110 down the drain, I wish developers would support their older games, I would go back to COD 4 or WAW in a heartbeat.

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    there not going to fix it so quit. they only make patches for 10 year old kids that play the game thats right 10 years old just like they patched the assault rifles but not the shot guns or submachine guns or akimbos

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    The only problem is your internet connection. Buy better net. Or stop downloading granny tranny porn while you gaming...

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    Not trying to start a console war so please don't go there.


    I laugh when people on PS3 act like XBOX is a god send for COD. Here are some common comments, "Why doesn't the XBOX ever lag" reply "Because they only care about XBOX". I cant compare them because I don't have both but it just makes me laugh. It appears that the lag is the same on both platforms judging by yalls comments.


    Just yesterday I was playing and all was good, then right as I start shooting at a guy the game freezes. 3 seconds later it unfreezes and I am now on the other side of the map due to being shot and killed by the guy I was about to kill when the game froze. Right after that I was running then it started to lag. It was that kind of lag where you run into a room then lag and suddenly your not in the room your back 30 feet where you have already run.

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    Thanks for the various comments ... sort of.


    @ gallp13 - I fell asleep before your last post to the thread, lol !


    @ sweatyclam - I ran tests on both speedtest.net and pingtest.net. My ping was only slightly higher than normal and not something that, IMO, would cause the extreme conditions I saw last night. In fact, the ping I had was well within normal variation that can happen at any given moment. My "packet loss" was a bit higher, though. I don't know what would cause that or what's considered "high" packet loss. Normally packet loss on my line is between 0 and 5 ... last night it was 14. And how the heck would I control that anyway???


    @ jcostanzo27 - Don't know how familiar you are with COD or FPS games in general, but some level of what you describe has been experienced by most players at some point. When the game released, I did not experience any of that to a noticeable extent. Like you, however, I am seeing it more and more ... and it usually is worst a day or two after a patch. Why? that's why I posted the thread - I dont know.


    @ opdrams19 - For the life of me I do not understand how a game developer can sell a product and not have a legal obligation to support that product. It would be one thing if the game was no longer sold - maybe. My personal opinion is that consumers have a reasonable belief that an online game will not be hacked and that there will be some referee system that minimizes the number of cheaters playing the game. Otherwise anyone can sell game software that promises one thing and completely fails to deliver on that promise, aka - anyone can legally commit fraud.


    @ voracious5 - I think you're jealous of 5 year olds because they get a little diploma when they finish kindergarten and you never did get one ... because you dropped out. Couldn't handle the pressure to do things like color within the lines or count to two.  I never asked for a patch, moron. In fact, if you want to read between lines you could more easily assume I'm tired of IW patching the game. My point was that every time they do patch the game, it gets worse. Why would I want another patch with that kind of track record? Idiot.


    @ illegalfreq - I guess you're sitting over at voracious5's house having a circle jerk. There's nothing wrong with my connection. It is far in excess of the requirements the console maker puts out there. I have no idea WTF "granny tranny" porn is, but to bring you up to speed, I have posted in the past that the game plays best for me when I have 4 bars. I'm the exact opposite of people that say they play better when they lag. I don't. So go back to your circle jerk with voracious5.


    @ triiviium - hey, how's it going? I never said anything about one console over another. I double checked and did not see where anyone had posted about one console being better than another. But I do agree with you - I've seen tons of posts about lag on both consoles.




    So, in general, I welcome and appreciate any legitimate ideas as to what happened yesterday evening. As gallp3's comments show, I was not the only  one that experienced this phenomenon. Sounds like jcostonzo27 and opdrams19 also experienced the same things, as well. I'm not really interested in "lag compensation" theories because this was far beyond lag compensation. The last "update" was supposed to include a means to do "hot fixes" and was supposed to rely heavily upon user feedback. Does anyone think they may have sent out different patches to different users to see how various potential fixes affected various players? In other words, send out three different fixes to users with very similar connection characteristics to see which fixes worked best?

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    What you described happens over here frequently at a certain time of night Nuttin.Its normally around 930ish our time the game for 30 minutes or so takes a nose dive with plenty of wrongness going on.Now im not a expert in these matters but personaly  think its a mass influx of internet or xboxlive traffic  were blaming the aussies for taking up all the bandwith ,

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    last night is probably the worst lag night i've experienced since the last TU. I was joining in progress and NOT host but still getting terrible bendy bullet deaths, shot around corners, killed by people not even on my screen. just awful.


    i backed out of at least 10 games before finally calling it a night on the last pitiful lagfest. i think it must have been a heavy traffic night either for mw3, XBL or just the internet as a whole. blargh

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      I would say at almost exactly 8 p.m. central time every night the disparity in connections in solo team deathmatch games doubles which will screw with you if you have a good connection because lag comp buffer will kick in.

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        I too play in the Central Time zone and can no longer play past 9:30 pm.  It is almost like clockwork.  I can find 50ms games no problem prior to this time.  At 9:31 pm all I can find are games where I am playing paintball with a bubble shooting gun and everyone else has lasers that can bend space and time.

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    Happens to me and my friends at about 1:00am mountain time basically nightly now for the past week or two. Once we all get disconnected we restart our xbox's and reparty up. Then we can play as long as none of us touches lobby leaderboard or anything in barracks related to leaderboards. There has been numerous threads about this over the past couple weeks so it is not just you experiencing it. Seems to be a wide issue.

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    Ok ... so not only did others experience this, it has been an on-going issue for a while.


    Hmph. I am totally baffled.


    Here's another thought that came to my mind - maybe there was work being done on COD services? I did not check the COD status thing last night. Maybe I should have.


    In any case, after doing a little checking, from what I can tell, there was a spike on the WWW last night ... but the spike was in packet loss. Now that makes total sense.


    What's more, a server close to me (not the one my service usually goes through first, that one is over 40 miles away) apparently went down completely. There's some other servers down, as well. Maybe that caused excess traffic on other servers?


    Doesn't make sense why I still have service overall and why other games played just fine, though.


    But if those things did make a difference, I can't help but wonder how often things like that happen. Maybe other times - before MW3 was around - when the game dropped suddenly to four bars the same thing was happening then.


    I'm also wondering if this net traffic control thing is not a factor. Some ISPs reduce the amount of traffic to certain sites at times. This is why Google supports net neutrality (which I do not support). Could that have been a factor? Some ISPs decided to reduce the amount of Activision traffic?

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    Dude, connections have been garbage since the game has been out..... They have a new host system which sucks.... It gives a main host, then from the main host, it connects to 4-5 people closest to the main host, and gives split host.... It is garbage and makes people further away lagg even worse..... Simple as that.

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    My problem in this game seems to be lag as well, but I usually have full or one less than full bars. Over and over again I will shoot people, sometimes in their back while not moving and my bullets don't seem to be doing any damage.

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    I have played over 1000 games and I have had only about 20 of them that felt equal as far as connection is concerned. Most of the time I feel the other player has a distinct advantage over me and I come up short even when firing at them first.


    I realize that I am getting old and my reaction times are getting slow but, even when I manage to get the jump on someone they end up coming through my near half a clip and killing me. It is pretty obvious but I chug along and take it on the chin or the eye LOL...


    Kinda trying to stay positive but it is pretty tough and I hope it gets sorted out. Consistant <30ms ping with <5 jitter

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    I quit today, I cannot take anymore of this, utterly rediculous, I swear to god somebody is going to kill themselves playing this game.

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    I marked the thread as answered.


    This was NOT a "COD lag sux" thread.


    I'm pretty sure the odd happening had something to do with a spike in overall internet  traffic along with some servers going down. NOT Call of Duty servers, servers in general.


    In any case, the game played fine tonight and I had four bars most matches.

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      I know this is quite off-topic, but since this is already answered I figured I could throw it in.


      I just wanted to say (and I'm sure it's been said before), but at over 1,200 posts you sure have a lot to say for somebody that has nuttin2say. 


      My sad attempt at humor...  I apologize ahead of time.  lol

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    Maccabi.....any words of wisdom on this matter? Thx in advance.