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    You are a brave bugger that is the universally hated loaded in the franchise.....not by me btw. I don't care what ppl use;) good luck with that.

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    Lol. I don't use them, I just put them as a suggestion he asked for the best gun and they are the best, the developers are just too ******* ignorant to see that they are OP as hell.

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    G36C also has very little hipfire spread in my experience using it, which is surprising. It feels like MP7 with more range. Obviously being an AR your speed is a bit slower than MP7 and there is more kick with the G36C, though based on recoil plot G36C w/ Kick = MP7 w/out Kick.


    The MP7 has less recoil than the G36C but the damage it will do at range is a lot less. Of course you could always put Focus on your MP7 and have the same kick as the G36C, but you'd probably out shoot it due to flinch. Also, because MP7 is an SMG you have 100% mobility.


    Between the two I feel like it'll come down to user preference. G36C will be slightly better further off while MP7 is a bit better up close.


    PP90M1 and UMP45 are probably the best up close SMGs. UMP45 is more of a damage per hit and PP90M1 wins via fire rate. If you never feel issues with lag comp UMP45 will feel a lot better since it has more range it'll be more well rounded. However, if you are plagued by lag comp PP90M1 will benefit you by firing more shots overall (since the occasional shot does not register on lag comp).


    Striker is blatantly the best shotgun. I believe Damage and Extended Mags are the best choice (as long as the Extended Mags glitch to shoot more pellets per shot is still unpatched). I won't touch it though because I feel it's kinda OP, which kinda sucks because the rest of the shotguns kinda blow.


    As far as ARs go ACR is also very good at range, but like the UMP45 vs the PP90M1 it does more damage per hit. So you may prefer the G36C or you may prefer the ACR, it's going to be preference. There is a bit more kick on ACR, but with long range guns you pretty much NEED Focus since a hit is going to send you so off center that you'll end up outshot by someone with Focus just about every time.

    Type 95 and MK14 are very good if you like semi-auto/burst. Both love to have Rapid Fire, though the Type 95 has pretty bad Iron Sights, so you might wanna do 2 Attachments for a Red Dot. I see some people using M16 over the Type 95 because the Type 95 has such bad sights. Using MK14 is pretty much asking to be called a modder though, since it's semi-auto.


    MSR beats L118A in just about every catagory, making it the best bolt action. Barrett has very little recoil, is semi-auto, OHKs, and is just overall better than the other snipers. So if you don't care about using bolt action vs semi-auto you'll probably like Barret. If you don't mind shooting someone more than once with a sniper than a lot of people like the RSASS and the AS-50, though it's really not my thing.


    LMGs are all kinda bad as you don't run any faster switching to a secondary in this game.


    Machine Pistols are clearly the better secondaries.


    Everyone knows about FMG9 Akimbos, they have too much range, can hit you with derp aim (I have seen someone get a kill missing someone with every shot), and kill very fast. Basically, just jump around corners and spray ftw, most of the time they will die.


    MP9 is also very good though FMG9s kinda take a lot of their thunder. MP9 has a bit more range than the G36C but unlike most other guns it takes 4 shots for the kill (unless you get a headshot). This makes the MP9 pretty garbage in close range. It has pretty low recoil, just a bit more than G36C. I'm not a fan of the Iron Sights so I Red Dot, if you can stand it you could use Silencer (with as far as the range is by default you could probably stand to lose a bit) or Extended Mags.


    Skorpion is similar to the MP9 with slightly different stats. More recoil but faster recenter, better minimum damage but worse max damage. I guess you could use either this or the MP9 if for some reason you prefer it.


    The Magnum Pistols are probably better than the others and they kill fast. The DEagle isn't great though. It may be a two shot kill but it feels clunky. Once you get Akimbos for the DEagle it isn't that bad but it'll suck getting to that point.


    The Five Seven is notable because it is the fastest Pistol to switch to, so if you can't Sleight of Hand you could always try Five Seven.


    As far as launchers go, RPG-7 is probably the best offensively, but Stinger is probably the best versus air support. I don't have too much experience with Launchers though.


    There I think I covered just about everything...


    EDIT: My brother made me mention it, but as far as CM-901 and AK-47 they pretty much took over LMG old job, powerful bursts from across the map. They benefit from AR mobility over using an LMG and they work just as well at the same job. Both guns are also decent full auto at mid range and their high damage per hit makes their time to kill better than a lot of other ARs. So if you like to burst across a map, you could try either of these guns with Focus.

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    It depends on your personal preference. I like bolt action snipers such as the l118A and the msr, both are good with extended mags. I have liked bolt action snipers ever since cod4, but you can't beat the intervention.

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    Quite enjoying the FAD good at range provided you burst and has up close characteristics to come off ok with SMG SG and FMG......

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    The best gun on this game is in my opinion always the gun that kills me, it doesn't matter what gun the enemy has in their hands, but no matter it's always better than mine,



    Oh and faster and it always only takes two bullets to kill me but mine always takes about half a clip, lol

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    Best AR = ACR by far
    Best SMG = MP7 by far


    that was easy..

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    AR - ACR / M16 / SCAR-L

    SMG - UMP45 / MP7

    Sniper - L118 / RSASS

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    Striker and its not even close. Takes no skill to slap steady aim and extended mags on there and just spray all day.

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    mp7 with 2 attatchments proficiency. silencer and hamr scope.

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