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noobs calling gold clan tags hackers

hello every1,


me and some clan m8 where playin some snd, when some noobie players joined the lobby, see our gold clan tags form elite, and than start calling us hackers all the time. In principle not a problem, but if a lot of (noobie)people start reporting fair players for hacking because they dont know about getting gold clan tags, then this will cuase problems. people will be banned becaus eof nothing, which will caue quite a lopt of unhappy customers, this is not only for ps3, this is also for other platforms i guess. so let IW knwo that fair players kight get reported a lot, so that they will not ban their most loyal customers, the ones that bought not only the game, but also elite premium/founder. I hope they are aware of this, and i hope they will think about it before banning someone.