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do you hate campers?

i freaking hate dumb ass campers.

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    dont really care people are entilted to play which ever way they want

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    I don't like em, but they're part of the game. When all is said and done...I have zero respect for the corner camper strategy. Can't count the number of double kills I get when I lob a grenade or tube in that camping spot and get the camper and the poor schmuck who was unlucky enough to spawn behind his camping team-mate. Now, campers who manuver about 'an area' are a whole different story and those campers at least have a skill and a game style I respect, but I still hate em'.

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    I don't hate campers, i get annoyed by them but it takes skill if you encounter them and they still shoot you. Off course corner campers r just noobs that are 2 afraid to die.


    If you hate them that means you don't have the brain 2 stop them.

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    I dislike split screeners more (hate is such a strong word) these guys really need thier own lobby so they can play with themselves

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    Split screeners suck, not because of who they are but because whenever there are a group of themn in a lobby, it seems like the connection goes the shite.

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    I don't hate campers at all, sometimes the game forces you to camp due to bad spawn or bad connection,


    What I don't like is a full team of campers trying to draw u into their trap, but even so it's not really the other team I hate it's my team just keep running and running and running at them to their deaths time n time again, and not thinking,


    If you come accros a full team of campers our team should pitch our tents or group together and all attack an area from every different angle together like a team, not just everyone file one way into a building the same way without trying to flush them out,


    On a side note I played against a very good team of campers last night in seatown and we was losing by around 20-5 on kill confirmed after about two minutes of game play, half my team left and a new set joined and everyone picked up what was happening by the time we was 35-15 down, and we went on and won the game 65-63 we was all randoms but all worked well together hitting each building with flashes and stuns and rushing,


    So yes they are possible to beat it just takes good teamwork,

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    I dislike anyone who kills me on CoD.

    What I dislike the most is when someone takes my kill.

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    And the fact that they always go 2-30. Every. Single. Time.


    I try to tolerate one split screener on my team, but I get two, I leave the lobby.


    As for campers, I have no problems with them. They never do well. Most of them are just really bad and really scared. 99% of the time, if you get shot by one you can throw a frag in the same corner they were hiding in and kill them. They don't move, don't try to pay attention to their surroundings. If they are on your team, they don't really hurt it. They may not help it, but they don't get a lot of deaths. Unless you are playing an objective game, that is. Then they just screw up the spawns by keeping you away from the action.

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    Agreed. Luckily Hardline Pro fixed that little issue for me.

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