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IW Please......

IW devs. Please add as an alternative (not replace) objective game modes where you only get you xp, points, perks, anything and everything etc. if and only if your team wins. Objective games are being ruined by kill whores. Oh yes, I've heard all the arguments. But it all boils down to, the kill whoring only happens because it's much easier for their K/D. It would be great if the K/D would eliminated all together, but that isn't happening.


I do hope the trolls read the very first sentence, "add" meaning in addition to, not eliminating regular objective games. This allows the kill whores to play with those that like it all they want. I even heard a kill whore berate the team he was on because they didn't win, which I find hilarious.


Giving this alternative would create a much better gaming experience.


Disclaimer, my K/D is .62 the important part is I don't care. I just want to play an objective game for real.


Thanks IW

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        I understand what you are saying, I am a capper when I play objective modes and got a crappy k/d to prove it too ............

       But I appreciate the killwhores on my team ... or "slayers" I prefer to call them.


      They limit the heavy battles at the objective so I can cap or defend more effectively..


       They can be annoying .. especially the ones who seem to think their high killcount is what wins the game ( I do honestly believe there are some people like that) but I think every team needs a couple of them.

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    Being an objective player doesn't mean you have to have a crap KD. Whenever I play Dom I pull 3 - 6 caps a game and at least a 2.5+ KD. Sometimes I'll only get two caps but that's because my team does a good job at keeping the enemy off flags.


    "I'm an objective player" is just an excuse "lower-end" players use to justify their low KD.


    Although, I will admit that I'm a bit of a KD whore. So when I do play solo (which is 70% of the time) I play CTF. I can play the objective and kill whore my nalgas off because I'm guarding our flag.


    Point is, every decent team needs "kill whores" to win consistently.


    The way I see it, most people who whine about kill whores are the ones who don't understand that in objective games, guarding is just as important as capping.


    Some of the best objective players I know also have decent to ridiculous KDs.

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      I wouldn't say its always an excuse, when I'm with my team its my job to cap points, mainly because it gives me opportunities for throwing knife kills, and believe me my KD takes a hit.

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        It should never be one persons job to cap. If that's the case your team work is flawed. Multiple people capping together makes it much easier to get the cap.


        Your KD takes a hit because of the throwing knife and solo capping.

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          Missing Snorlax wrote:


          It should never be one persons job to cap.

          One guy netting points while five others keep grenades and flashes/stuns away from him. What is so bad with that?

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          This was pretty simple.....I don't believe any of the arguments anymore. I've played enough and see how it works. People who have the lower K/D doesn't mean a thing. K/D is an indvidually skewed number (will save you all the statistical jargon) that is there to build the beast.


          Never seen any "beast" worried about team wins. The key word being the win. With all that being said, I just suggested an alternative mode to where you only get the "spoils of the war if you win". Your response and attack on people's "less than admirable abilties" measured by an individual achievement marker -K/D, only bolsters my argument that there should be all or nothing objective games. Maybe all of the people with K/D since that is the "true" measure of the player, /sarc/ should be seperated by people having a K/D higher than 1.25 be put with others higher than 1.25. Ohhh no can't do that, then people can't "strive" to get better says the elitists. Nooooo then the elitists won't have us underlings to kill on a regular basis to pad their beast K/D.


          At 44 years old, I don't think I'll ever understand the "gamers." I mean look all over the boards on this forum. Seems like they are never happy.


          Before I get trolled about not having to play the game, I have 60 reasons in addition a great deal of others why I can play this game and I have respectively posted on this open forum. Next November, whether I buy 60 more reasons to play another game or not, that remains to be seen.


          I do have a funny question. How many of you beasts play HC on a regular basis? I mean I have seen posts on here from the elite declaring the Hard Core is for loosers because it's too easy. Does anyone else see the oxmoron here? I mean why don't they call Hard Core Soft Core and Core Hard Core?


          And one more, what exactly is Core for?

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    I played Drop Zone and had a enemy using a shotgun waiting 30 feet away from the zone.


    He got 56 kills.


    I got the top of both kills and DZ points in that one and we whooped their tails REAL bad .


    They had around 1900 and we had 7500.


    I was going to taunt the shotgunner but left him alone. With THAT game I am up to 50 percent WL ratio and climbing fast compared to the other game modes.