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top 10 in kill confirmed cant log in, robert bowling wont answer, activision thinks were getting hacked, plz read and help

watch the video before you read, its exactly the problem,


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIRC7s18LMY&context=C3edcd51ADOEgsToPDskJ2Wz4nxUI D-YGos_W3QOSj


at 730 everyone in the top 10 of kill confirmed was was logged off and couldnt log back on, only getting the server unavailable page. I can say 100% that 6 of the top 10 dont boost, or use tac insertion to collectthere own tags. One that was a known booster got removed from the score leaderboards but not the kill confirmed, but it you look at his elite you can see that he has been reset. I asked him what happened he says he got banned for 2 days. Ok so what about the rest of us who didint boost and cant log on? we didint boost, our elite stats arent reset, we are still on the leaderboard, in short we arent reset, or banned. Weve called activision customer service and it theyre freaking out because they dont know whats going on. They think are accounts are getting hacked and theyre keeping us off, which is possible because one person on the top used to ip spam and knock ppl off so he could go up on the leaderboards. Robert bowling answers every tweet but ours, DO YOUR DAMN JOB FOR ONCE, youve lied to us countless times and we stil bought your crappy game, and invested over 15 days on it. The least you can do is find out why half of the top ppl on your leaderboards cant sign in? anyone else having this problem? where are you on the leaderboards?